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Budget Bahamas - What does a trip to the Bahamas cost?

What does a trip to

The Bahamas

Let’s get right to the point: The Bahamas is one of our most expensive trips we ever made. A fantastic experience that we wouldn’t have wanted to miss but due to the cost not immediately worth repeating. To get a clear understanding of what such a trip costs, we have briefly listed our budget for the Bahamas below. Please note that airfare is not included! For this, you should count a minimum of 1000 euros for a return ticket (depending on where you leave from). From Belgium or the Netherlands you will have to make a transfer in Jamaica, Cuba, America or Canada. From London you can sometimes find a direct connection.

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The Bahamas, unfortunately, is not cheap in terms of food. Especially not if you stay in expensive resorts. A soft drink easily costs $5 there, and you can hardly find a full meal under $25. A cheaper option is to go where the locals go and buy drinks at a supermarket. Although supermarket prices are still relatively expensive when you compare this to prices in Europe. We ourselves used the combination of these two options because otherwise our bill for food would have easily gone above 1000 euros for 10 days. Which is still quite a lot for two people.


Cabs charge an average of 2 euros per km. Boats and planes are also commonly used. So while transportation in The Bahamas is on the expensive side, there is a cheaper alternative. For example, for the small vans, also called jitneys, you pay between $1 and $8 per ride. Of course, in the Bahamas you will often have to take a boat as well since this country consists of more than 700 islands. The price of these ferries start at 5 euros and can go up to just over 100 euros depending on the distance.


You can make accommodation in the Bahamas as expensive as you like. Although most resorts are pricey. For example, if you stay at the famous Baha Mar-resort you will easily pay 250 euros for a night. Although in the “cheaper” hotels you can also book a room for 75 euros a night. And on Airbnb you can find rooms starting at 30 euros. Although we think that you only really experience the Bahamas when you stay in one of the luxurious resorts. It is part of the experience. And it is, in fact, one of the reasons you come here! But so it also takes a big bite out of your budget for the Bahamas.

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Excursions are perhaps the most expensive in the Bahamas. For example, for a tour from Nassau to the famous Exuma Pig Beach, you pay an average of 350 euros per person. For half a day of snorkeling you pay 80 euros and 3 hours of quad riding costs 150 euros. All impressive experiences but very expensive. Each hotel has its own selection of tours, but prices are similar everywhere. You can also find some tours on GetYourGide including a Rum Tasting tour. But here the supply is a little more limited compared to other countries.

Average budget Bahamas

Calculating the average budget for the Bahamas is very difficult and to be viewed individually. You make the Bahamas as expensive as you want. Although this destination is still the most expensive one we did. Really cutting back on food or activities when you want a great vacation is impossible. We chose an expensive resort for the total experience. In retrospect, we don’t regret that either. The resort was actually the highlight of this trip for us. We ended up, by trying to save on food and drinks and not booking too many tours, at an average of 190 euros per person per day. So this can certainly still be much more expensive but also cheaper if you book a cheaper hotel, for example. Clearly, the Bahamas is not a cheap destination and you should also consider the cost locally before booking a flight.

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