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North America is a continent that has piqued our interest for years. This gigantic continent is, which you might not expect, not the largest in the world. Asia and Africa are bigger. In terms of population, they are ranked 4th after Asia, Africa and Europe. We find that remarkable.

The continent of North America has about 35 countries. Many you may not even know (yet) because they are islands that are scattered in the Caribbean. Just think of The Cayman Islands, Saint Lucia and Montserrat. These are all gems that we hope to travel to one day.

Yet it is mainly Mexico and the USA that first charmed us. Of course there is more to see than these phenomenal countries. We think the nature in Canada is sublime and we can’t wait to explore there too. Moreover, it would be a shame to have seen only two of the 35 countries from North America in our lifetime. Here you can already read our stories about what we already discovered in and about North America.



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