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Tine Priem on her honeymoon to Cuba


Tine Priem

We mainly know Tine Priem as ‘Tamara’ from the soap ‘Thuis’ but Tine is not only an actress but also an entrepreneur, she has her own webshop called Gingers, and she is active on social media. Moreover, she loves to travel in her spare time. Travel Reasons had the opportunity to interview her about her travel experiences and found out more about her honeymoon to exotic Cuba.

How do you get all your activities, from acting to running your webshop, combined?

Tine: “I’m a really good time-manager. I can do a lot in little time. I get up in time so I can already do quite a bit, for example, my mails. I want to have control over my own schedule, which is why I don’t have a manager. I am very conscientious, tick off my to do’s and I can also say that I am a perfectionist.”

Every year, a Homecoming trip is organized. You yourself went along twice. What was that experience like for you?

Tine: “I really enjoy coming along on Homecoming. It’s always crazy to see so many fans want to travel with you. Sometimes you don’t think about that. It is also a very diverse audience and it is nice to connect with them. You know again why you do it all. It’s satisfying. There is also always a fun program provided as well as some free time. Plus, it’s nice that each actor gets to bring a plus-one.”

Tine Priem and friend
Waterfall Cuba

What does a day like this on Homecoming actually look like?

Tine: “We always go to an all-in resort so there is already all kinds of things to do on site. But we also do different excursions. There is a program set in advance and the travelers can choose which activities they like best. This creates a nice variation of organized activities with free time.”

So they may still ask you to go with them?

Tine: “Absolutely! Although I don’t want to sign myself up to go every year because it does seem more interesting to me for the Thuis fans that the actors alternate so they can meet everyone once. Maybe next year I’ll still go.”

This year's Thuisreis trip is to Corfu. Have you been there?

Tine: “No, not yet. In Greece itself I have only been once. That was with the Thuisreis to Crete. Greece is still on my bucket list though. Once my husband and I have a week’s leave we would like to visit the country.”

What countries are still on your bucket list?

Tine: “Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia,… Maybe India. I would like to visit a Buddhist country one day. Colombia has chance for next year. And Mexico and Costa Rica are also high on the bucket list. In Europe, I have seen some. Only Croatia still appeals to me. The period between Christmas and New Year’s I also want to spend in a warm country someday. To escape the winter dip but also for the experience.”

This or That Tine Priem (169))

Is there a place in Belgium that you can recommend to readers?

Tine: “Beaujean Vacances Woodhouse is really very nice. And if you like it a bit more luxurious, La Butte aux Bois is highly recommended. A very good kitchen too! In the Netherlands, I found Leiden surprising. A kind of small version of Amsterdam. Good for a weekend getaway if you don’t want to go too far.”

You got married to your husband Tom 2 years ago. And recently you went on your honeymoon to Cuba. How was that?

Tine: “For me, that was fantastic! We spent a full month together and it brought us even closer together. We both have busy schedules so we sometimes don’t see each other much, so this was an enrichment. Cuba was also our first big trip together, which makes it extra special. It’s also been a long time since I’ve felt such inner peace.”

You spent a whole month in Cuba. What are the best memories of that trip?

Tine: “The best moment was when we arrived at a deserted waterfall for refreshment after a hard trek in the heat. And just being able to be silly with my brand new husband. We also got to know other people there and then went out together or had a nice meal. The best place we liked was Trinidad and of course the nature, which is beautiful there.”

Cuba is not an obvious honeymoon destination. How do you get to this destination?

Tine: “Our original honeymoon was planned to the Maldives and Sri Lanka. But then Covid came in between and after 2 years we were wondering if we still wanted to go here. For example, my husband loves South America. His preference was Colombia, I myself was thinking about Mexico. After a visit to the travel agency, Cuba came out and in retrospect we are very happy with that.”

Vakantie Tine Priem
Beach Cuba

You were also recently invited as an influencer for a press trip to Curacao. How was that?

Tine: “I think it’s super to be invited to this, but I sometimes wondered what I was doing among the group. The other girls who were along come off with very expensive cameras, think really hard about what photos they want, get up early for that and I’m standing there with my smartphone. They are also very passionate about creating their content and I want to enjoy the trip a little more as it is not my main job. I have a lot of admiration for them because I couldn’t do that job. It’s tougher than you would think at first glance.”

What does travel mean to you?

Tine: “Travel does a lot for your personal growth. It’s a good investment in yourself. For me, a piece of wealth is to have seen different places around the world. Travel is expensive but it is well worth the investment. It brings you so much. In short, travel is an added value. It enriches your life.”

What projects are you working on in the coming months?

Tine: “We are doing a play called #Smile where we are also going around schools. This is a play about mental health in young people. Other than that, it’s relatively quiet for the moment in terms of acting. I have, of course, my role as ‘Tamara’ in Thuis and my clothing webshop which I work on every day. In addition, there are a few small things that are ongoing. For once my schedule is not overflowing and that’s good. Although I am open to nice assignments.”

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