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Erika Van Tielen's favorite travel destination(s)


Erika Van Tielen

Erika Van Tielen, we mainly know her from television work as a talented actress and presenter. But she is so much more than that! Erika is also a mother of two sons, globetrotter and blogger ! We were allowed to interview this passionate centipede about her favorite travel destinations.

Why a blog?

Erika has long loved to write and a few years ago she finally had the time to properly figure out how to make a blog. Kelly Deriemaeker’s ‘blog’ has helped her enormously with this. In the beginning it was a bit of a search for her own style and ‘niche’, but now she has found a nice mix. Erika mainly writes for young parents. People who stand with their two feet in life. Who want to see the world with (and sometimes without) their children. Traveling has always been Erika’s passion. She has traveled professionally for 5 years for Flanders Vakantieland . That is why she often writes about travel.

erika van tielen

Travel tips from Erika

If you are traveling with kids, you better be prepared. Erika knows all about it with her sons Finn and Rowen. Her advice: always bring plenty of diapers, wet and dry wipes, water, a snack, jars of fruit and vegetable porridge and some toys.

Which type of holiday depends (on the age) of your children. Flying with children is certainly possible when they are 0 to 1 year old (because they still sleep a lot), but the age between 1 and 4 years is more difficult, according to her. Children of this age cannot keep themselves busy and do not sleep as much anymore. As a result, the parents also have little rest. Going on holiday by car is most suitable for small children. For older children, it is best to provide more stops and sufficient entertainment.

Choose your destination carefully and stay . Erika chooses sunny destinations with facilities such as a swimming pool because there is always something to do and you don’t have to go far with your children. If you, as a parent, also want to relax, it is better to choose an accommodation that pampers you, such as a hotel or a B&B. At a campsite, for example, you are often still cooking yourself, just like at home.

Finally, Erika thinks that too many plans make little sense . It is better not to have too many expectations since (small) children can come out unpredictably. Try to enjoy the moment more.

More tips about traveling with (small) children can be found here .

Erika .'s Favorite Travel Destinations

The favorite travel destination with children is Spain according to Erika. It is close to home, sunny and there is plenty of nature and culture. Erika also enjoys very close holidays by the sea or in the Netherlands. Especially since she has kids.

Erika has already seen many beautiful and interesting places. One of her ultimate favorite travel destinations remains a tour through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. The Salar de Uyuni and everything around it is magical, she says.

Erika also went on holiday a few times further away from home. She went to South Africa , Aruba, Canada and The Gambia. She prefers to go on small trips several times a year instead of making a big trip once a year.

Countries such as Australia and New Zealand are highly regarded on Erika van Tielen’s bucket list . Indonesia is also a dream destination for her. These destinations fascinate her. For the time being, these long journeys are not imminent. In order to make these dreams come true, she must first find some time to spare.

These 5 facts you didn't know about Erika

1. Erika has German blood . For example, her grandmother is German and her name is of German origin.

2. Erika van Tielen is addicted to dark chocolate. This is also her only addiction.

3. Erika practices yoga . For example, she does a few exercises every morning to start the day well.

4. Erika is a vegetarian. She has been this way since high school.

5. Erika misses traveling far. She says that traveling makes you a better and richer person.

Blog Erika Van Tielen

And we can fully follow that opinion! Would you like to know more about Erika Van Tielen, take a look at her blog . It is an exciting place for (young) parents where recognizable stories make you smile, but also a place where you get inspired. And in which you can follow her interesting lifestyle.

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