Andy Peelman openly about experiences during Andy on patrol


Andy Peelman

Andy Peelman is an inspector by training, but best known to the general public for programs such as De Buurtpolitie and Andy Op Patrouille. With Travel Reasons he had a candid conversation about his experiences abroad. You read it here.

Andy On Patrol

Thanks to the Andy Op Patrouille program, Peelman was given the opportunity to work abroad for various police forces. And that was a dream come true as he could combine his two passions -police work and making television- here. For example, he went to Israel, Cambodia, Georgia, America , Colombia, Barcelona and Aruba. There he experienced that every country tries to guarantee the safety of its citizens in a different way. And that unfortunately not every country works correctly.

For example, he says that, in retrospect, Cambodia was a special experience. Not all police officers are equally sincere. Unfortunately, there is a lot of corruption. He was allowed to experience that himself and that is not nice. It was also not always easy to do recordings there. The team was very strongly directed in what they were and were not allowed to film, but Peelman strongly opposes that. Peelman finds it extremely important that he shows the situations as they are and that is why he ensures that no propaganda is conducted from the host country. It shows that the program is credible and real. Nothing is staged.

Andy verkeer
VTM program

Unique view

Peelman also wants to remain as neutral as possible on the destinations he visits. However, it is not easy to find a balance between putting a country in the spotlight and not taking sides, for example in conflict zones such as Israel. Although Peelman would have liked to have spent a little longer in each destination, he has acquired a unique view of some countries. He went to places where a tourist normally never goes. He sees the real facets of the country. And not so much the tourist regions with luxurious hotels.

VTM is currently investigating whether a second season can be made in view of the current situation. If there is a second season of Andy Op Patrouille, Peelman would like to give it even more individuality and experience of himself. He wants to expose the truth even more. His mission is successful when he can make interested people interested in the program and that they genuinely like it. For us, he has more than succeeded in this mission!

Bucket list by Andy Peelman

When we ask about Peelman’s bucket list, he emphasizes that especially unknown places appeal to him. He doesn’t really have a big wish list. Peelman likes to be busy and lying at the pool or beach for too long is not his thing . For example, he says that he went on a honeymoon to the Maldives, but that there is little to do outside of beach life. It was a very nice and relaxing trip, but he likes a little more activity and adventure on vacation. He hopes to find them in Namibia, Russia or Australia in the future. Each and every one of them beautiful destinations that he would like to visit one day.

VTM program


The most beautiful journey that Peelman made with his wife was America. He went on a tour and lost his heart there. Admittedly, Americans are special people who can be crazy, but they are very welcoming and open. The landscape and climate is different everywhere, so you can make different trips to the country and always discover new things. That is also something that we experienced during our tour through America. A fantastic country that has a lot to offer.

His favorite place in Belgium ? His own garden currently. He also likes to sail on the water. It is quiet there and he can do his own thing . As long as there is peace, that is the most important thing for him. The Ardennes and the Belgian coast also charm him. Although he will sooner prefer the Ardennes over the coast because of the anonymity and silence.


In America, Peelman also developed a good relationship with Jimmy Wiygul, the policeman who was also seen with Andy Op Patrouille in Mississippi. In fact, their first meeting happened three years ago when Peelman was working as an animator in a holiday park. Wiygul had contacted Peelman via Instagram because he wanted to see how a policeman worked with dogs. Peelman, however, was no longer working as a police officer at that time, but arranged one and the other so that Wiygul was still helped. When the idea for Andy Op Patrouille came up, the first contact abroad was quickly made. Since then, Peelman and Wiygul have had an incredible bond and keep in touch regularly. Peelman says he sometimes worries about Wiygul’s fate as a police officer in such difficult circumstances. (ed. You could see in Andy On Patrol – Episode 1 that the Sheriff’s Office have to do it with modest means).

New projects

We secretly hope that a second season of Andy Op Patrouille will be possible as soon as it is allowed to travel again. What is already certain is that Peelman is currently working on a new VTM program. Unfortunately, he can’t say anything more about it now. The recordings of this new program will normally start this summer and it will be shown on VTM in the autumn. Something to look forward to!