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The 7 most enjoyable city trips with a local guide

The 7 Funniest


We found a website we wish we had known about much earlier. Hi,hi Guide allows you to book a local private guide anywhere in the world who will take you to the most beautiful spots of his or her city. From Amsterdam to Hong Kong. We list here the nicestcitytrips with a local guide that you can also book with a Hi,hi Guide.

1 Amsterdam

Who hasn’t been to beautiful Amsterdam before? In our opinion, it is one of the most enjoyable city trips close to home. You will probably have visited or done many of them if you have been there before. Still, your experience with a local guide might take you to very different places in Amsterdam and in that regard, Hi,hi Guidecan certainly help you. You choose your own guide, depending on appearance, talent or rate, and head out together through Amsterdam!

2 Rome

Rome is another very famous and fascinating city trip in Italy. In a busy city where there is an enormous amount to see and do, and especially if you are limited on time, it is recommended to go out with a guide. This way you already have a first impression of a city and perhaps also have seen all the highlights. If you go out on your own – which is perfectly possible – there is still often the chance that you will lose a lot of time looking for different places. And of course you don’t want the chance to avoid beautiful places on a city trip.

nicest city trips
Day trip Barcelona

3 Stockholm

We recently went to Stockholm, which is paradise for city people who also love nature. At times we looked a little lost and would have liked to have had someone with us to take us in tow. Someone who took us to the best spots since we were limited on time. If we knew Hi,hi Guide back then we would have booked a tour there without a doubt. It is a fascinating city where there are undoubtedly many stories to tell about it and a local guide can certainly tell you those stories.

4 Berlin

Berlin is hailed by all as a cultural city break. By booking a local guide you not only have the advantage that this person knows all the good spots are in his or her hometown but you can also find out a lot of extra information about a place. Just think of the history or events that take place there but also less nice things like crime or things that you as a tourist should pay more attention to. So a city trip with a local guide is definitely a fine option here!

5 Barcelona

For us, one of the most fun and versatile city trips in Europe is Barcelona. We have been there several times, always without a guide. Next time we go it would be a unique experience to book a local guide. That way we might see even more of the city and have a better chance of spotting the less touristy spots. Because you can also apply what you want to visit or not. This makes a tour with a Hi,hi Guide anything but standard and each tour is unique and customized. In fact, the guide will put together a program based on your preferences.

6 Moscow

In cities like Moscow, you can already book a local guide from 10 euros/hour which is much cheaper than hiring a guide locally. Often the guides on Hi,hi Guide are young people who want to earn a little extra money. And that’s another added benefit for you: You can meet really fine people. And in certain cities you will feel much safer if you are out and about with a local guide. After all, they know where you should or should not go and speak the language of the country, making you less likely to get into trouble.

7 Cape Town

One of our most beautiful trips is undoubtedly South Africa. In Cape Town, you can also book a local guide through Hi,hi Guide and we regret so much not discovering this website earlier. We booked a huge number of tours in South Africa and all the guides there were so friendly. So a tour of Cape Town with a local guide would have been a fine experience. You can still book it for your next trip now. Highly recommended!

The best city trips with a local guide

Are you itching to book a vacation and choose a local guide to show you the best places? Or would you like to become a guide yourself? This can also be done through a registration on the website of Hi,hi Guide. Also be sure to let us know how you book your city trips with a local guide.

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