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Ever wanted to take a boating vacation? Find out all about it here!

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Do you like restful vacations? Do you like holidays by the water? And would you like to be able to plan your holiday yourself? Then opt for something new, namely a sailing holiday. You can now become captain of your own boat in Portugal , France or Germany ! Experience what it is like to be behind the wheel of your holiday boat!

Captain of your own boat

At the French company Nicols, which has more than 30 years of experience in building and renting boats, you can sail to your ultimate destinations. You rent a boat of your choice and choose where and when you continue sailing to the next stop. Or you can just float in the same spot for a while. You don’t even need to have a boating license for this! You will learn everything you need to know on the day of arrival. A wonderful restful holiday!


You are in charge of your own vacation. You choose your own route day after day. If you choose when your funeral and where you want to stay in one place, you will automatically relax. Slowing down from everyday life is the goal here, and isn’t that exactly what we go on holiday for? This is slow travel at its best!

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Different formulas

At Nicols you can rent different types of boats. You have it tailor-made for families or for a group of friends. But you also have smaller boats for couples. Comfort is present in all boats. You can also choose the routes yourself. For example, you can sail in France on the Canal du Midi, Canal de Bourgogne or Canal du Nivernais. In Germany you can even sail on lakes near Berlin! And in Portugal Nicols is the only provider of boating holidays on Lake Alqueva in Alentejo. For more information about these routes, you should check out their website .

Is it something for you?

But before you book, be sure to take a look at our tips to score the cheapest flight tickets ! If you’re on vacation afterwards, you might be able to use tips to keep your trip as cheap as possible . Have fun!

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