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GoPro Hero Session - review

GoPro Hero Session


Today we take a closer look at the GoPro Hero Session. The smallest and lightest action cam from GoPro that we have enjoyed ourselves and still do. Because let’s face it, when you buy an action cam from Gopro, you’re always in the right place. We ourselves first had an action cam from Denver but we were not really satisfied with it. The quality of the picture was less and the sound was not optimal either. We are fans of GoPro Cameras. And especially of this GoPro session because this price quality is definitely in order. You already have these for a price of €169 which is really not too bad for GoPro camera.


The Hero 4 Session measures3.81×3.81 cm and weighs 73 grams. Which is actually not very big for an action camera. Because it weighs so little and is so small, you hardly feel it when you attach it to yourself or to your bicycle, for example. And with its 1080P Full HD and a whopping 60 FPS, this camera takes very nice images. Photos are also definitely in order with the 8-megapixel camera.

It also has a Wifi connection that allows you to connect it to your cell phone or laptop (we’re not a fan of that ourselves). The battery lasts about 1 hour and 45 minutes if you film constantly. This is actually not that much, but enough for us personally. Of course, for proper storage, you need to buy a microSD card yourself.The maximum depth for this camera in the water is 10 meters which is quite deep anyway. This camera is also completely waterproof without having to attach anything to it… which is handy anyway. And especially less fiddling which in turn is fun.

GoPro Hero Session
voorbeeld onder water


With a single press of a button, the GoPro Hero 4 Session boots up and starts recording video or timelapse photos automatically. With a second press of the button, the camera stops and turns off automatically. Want the camera to automatically adjust for low light situations? Then choose the Auto Low Light mode. Frame rates are adjusted to light conditions for better low-light performance. With Protune, you fully utilize the GoPro so you can create professional videos in cinema quality with a very small camera. Control the camera manually and be creative with the settings for color, iso value, white balance, sharpness and exposure.

Pros and Cons of the GoPro Hero Session


  • Not so big and heavy
  • Easy to use
  • Good image quality
  • Gopro’s application
  • Waterproof (up to 10 meters deep)
  • Dual Microphone (Automatically adjusts when noise occurs)


  • Battery
  • No screen (which causes you to have to work by feel)
  • Wifi connection to the PC is less
  • The sound quality could be better

Mounts GoPro Hero Session

With a mount you attach your action camera. There are various mounts for different activities. Note the mounting method of the mount. With a head strap, you shoot video from your field of view. With a chest mount you wear your action cam at chest height and with a helmet mount on your helmet. The latter is useful in sports such as mountain biking and climbing. You can buy them bundled in a box at for a reasonable price. You can also buy these from GoPro itself but it will be more expensive. And in our opinion, the quality is certainly as good.

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