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World of Wanderlust – A must or not?



World of Wanderlust is a book written by Australian author Brooke Saward. As a professional traveler, she has a travel blog of the same name that is very successful. In this travel book she takes you to the best locations and shows you the best places to eat in major cities such as New York and London. She also gives you tips for when you travel alone or how to convince people to travel with you. And if that’s not enough, she also gives you fashion tips. In short, this book discusses everything that has to do with travel. A travel blog turned into a book.

Our opinion

We had high expectations of this book World Of Wanderlust , because Brooke has a fantastic blog. Unfortunately, these expectations have not been fully met. The layout is beautiful, but this book has absolutely no depth. There are so many topics covered in this book that almost none of them are fully fleshed out.

You’re still a little hungry for more. One minute you’re reading an inspiring text about travel, and the next you’re at a London travel guide. And then a few pages further to end up on a completely different subject. This is really a missed opportunity because Brooke writes so well and her photos are great too, but we feel they just tried to put a little too much into one book. And that’s a shame. If they narrowed this book down to a few topics, it would be truly magnificent! Now it’s a bit chaotic. Despite that, this is still a nice book to read or to give as a gift. It certainly makes you want to travel, that’s for sure.

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Where do you buy World of Wanderlust?

For World of Wanderlust you pay about €23 , which is not really cheap. But when you see the layout, you understand where this price comes from. You can currently find this book just about everywhere, from the Standaard Boekhandel to the Fnac. But at you currently pay the least for this book (€22.50).

Does this book seem like nothing to you? Be sure to also take a look at our category of books . And let us know if you have a nice book that we might need to read.

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