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Lonely Planet's guide to travel photography

Lonely Planet's Guide

for travel photography

Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography is a 376-page book written by renowned travel photographer Richard l’Anson for Lonely Planet. In this book he describes how you too become a good travel photographer. On the basis of tips, but also through an in-depth explanation of all facets of photography. He discusses the right material, the right settings, how best to study a location or subject or which software you can use. In addition, he also discusses the most common mistakes so that you do not have to make them. Everything you need to know about travel photography can be found in this book. This book does not require any prior knowledge of photography.

Our opinion

Lonely Planet’s guide to travel photography is, in our opinion, the must-read book if you’re into travel photography. This book really gives you all the information you need to become a better photographer. Also, the photographer who has been around for several years. Because from this book you get not only the necessary knowledge but also a whole source of inspiration and that is what makes this book so interesting in our opinion.

This book doesn’t read very smoothly, but that’s mostly because of all the information being shot at you. Therefore, you should not think of this book as an ordinary reading book but really as a textbook. Extra fun is the fact that you will use this book many times after you finish reading it. It is, as it were, a convenient tool. We are big fans of Lonely Planet’s guide to travel photography!

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Where to buy Lonely Planet's guide to travel photography?

You can read Lonely Planet’s guide to travel photography the easiest to buy via, you will pay 25.99 euros for it. Which in our opinion is not much, because normally you have to charge a bit more for this knowledge. Not a fan of online shopping? Then you can also find this book at Standaard Boekenhandel. Is this book nothing for you? Then be sure to check out our other book reviews.

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