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Homecamp - Makes you dream of a different life


Makes you dream

Homecamp is a book written by two people (Doran and Stephanie Francis) who care about the connection between people and nature. As such, they are constantly looking for ways to turn the switch on other people. Because creating meaningful experiences and a strong connection to the earth is important to them. And that is exactly what they want to do with this book. Inspire people to do things differently. In this book, they interview photographers, writers, thinkers, risk takers, chefs, and many other ordinary people who have somehow come to live a different life that brings them closer to nature. In addition to all these fun interviews, you’ll have lots of special photos and a few practical tips for camping.

Book review

Our opinion

Homecamp is one of the most inspiring books we have read in recent years. The stories and interviews you can read in this book not only make you dream of a different life but they also show you that this is actually very easy to do. And that may be the most important thing. Because dreaming is something we all do but actually doing it is something else. This book, we believe, can really make the click and maybe change your life too. Away from the materialistic and more back to basics.

The only drawback to this book is that this book does come in fairly heavy with its hard cover and A4 printing. Taking it with you for the road is a bit cumbersome. What you do get in return are beautiful large format photographs. Also, the tips for camping at the back of the book were not really necessary in our opinion. These were added just at the last but. But it’s not really disturbing.

Where do you buy Homecamp?

Homecamp is available in Dutch and English at the Standaard boekwinkel or online at You pay 32 euro online, which of course is not cheap. But in our opinion, this book is worth every euro.

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