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Backpack Destinations – A book that gives you inspiration



Backpack Destinations is the book of the Dutch travel blog ‘ We are Travelers ‘. That is written for all backpackers who do not know where to go. In this book they have described all their favorite backpacking destinations with nice photos, the best time to travel, the budget and above all must-see locations in these destinations. This book is also very extensive in terms of countries, with some places from every continent. Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico , Morocco and America are just a few examples of the numerous countries that this book visits

Our opinion about Backpack Destinations

Backpack Destinations is, in our opinion, the ideal book for those who lack inspiration or cannot choose where to go. And we think it’s not just for backpackers, but for everyone. Because the explanations with highlights for each country are actually useful for everyone. Also the photos that make you dream away of the destinations are the same for everyone. Because believe us, these photos certainly do. The rest of this book is easy to read and well laid out. There are many small pieces of text, which makes the thick book quickly readable. What you will not find in this book, however, are real travel tips, but you should not expect that from this book. To be honest, we wouldn’t buy Backpack Destinations for ourselves, but that’s mainly because we have enough inspiration. However, we think it is very suitable to give as a gift to our friends.

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Where do you buy Backpack Destinations?

Backpack Destinations can be found in the Standaard Boekenhandel and on sites like . But also on the We Are Travelers Webshop . Where you can also find many other nice things within the theme of travel.

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