5 Best winter destinations in Europe

Winter destinations

in Europe

Silently we look ahead to a cozy winter season. Nothing like winter markets, snow scenes and illuminated cities. But where to find the best winter destinations in Europe? We provide insight with this top 5!

1 Switzerland

Switzerland changes its appearance every season. We especially love it during the summer months. Take long walks in the mountains or enjoy a beneficial wellness in one of the thermal spas. Blessed! During the winter, the landscape is transformed into a fairytale setting. In particular, the regions of St. Moritz, Zermatt and Grindelwald seem right out of a movie. Highly recommended!

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2 Austria

Those who still find Switzerland that tad too expensive can alternatively go to Austria on winter vacation. There are differences, of course, but for skiing or enjoying après-ski, Austria is definitely the place to be. We really liked Zillertal thanks to the different activities you can do there. But Sölden, Ischgl and Kitzbühel are also fine options.

3 Estonia

You might not expect it, but Estonia is a wonderful winter destination in Europe. Tallinn’s Christmas market in particular is a must-see. In 2019, it was awarded the best in Europe. A carpet of snow covers the entire city during winter, and the thousands of lights from the stalls provide warmth and coziness. This one should be on your bucket list!

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You may not immediately think of Italy as a winter destination, but you can certainly enjoy endless ski slopes, winter scenes and a cozy atmosphere here. Think of the Dolomites, Val Gardena and Livigno. Those who still prefer warm Italy should head south during the summer for a dash of sunshine and Southern atmosphere. Sicily is suitable for this purpose.


Finally, Iceland should not be missing from this list as it remains one of the most spectacular destinations within Europe. During summer it looks very different from winter, but both seasons are fascinating. We unfortunately had to postpone our trip, but are looking hopefully into the future to finally get to explore this beautiful country.

What do you take with you to your winter destination?

Of course, in terms of clothing, you need to be well prepared for these winter destinations. A decent winter coat and warm sweater are obviously essential in your suitcase. Moreover, if you are going to spend an entire day exploring a city or braving viewpoints, you need quality athletic shoes. These make all the difference on long days exploring. Sturdy waterproof hiking boots are also a must have during winter vacations.

We also recommend that you also bring a handy backpack, sunglasses (you never know!) and raincoat. Europe’s changeable weather is always a surprise.

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