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In the south of the Netherlands you will find the versatile region of Brabant. In our opinion, one of the most versatile and surprising provinces in the country. For places like this we are very happy to live near the Netherlands. What a discovery! You can read more about it in this article.

Roadtrip through Brabant

To discover the province of Brabant in the Netherlands, you don’t have to travel far from Belgium. Quite the opposite! At a good hour you arrive already in this province. And there you naturally find yourself in a very different environment. From cozy, authentic villages to vast nature reserves. Brabant has it all!

Therefore, the best way to discover this region is by car. A little road trip along the highlights through the changing landscape is highly recommended. We started our three-day road trip in Eindhoven. From there we drove on to Nuenen, ‘s Hertogenbosch and Heusden. Most of these cities are also easily accessible by public transportation. Brabant also lends itself perfectly as a cycling destination. The distances between the various villages and places of interest are relatively short and connected by numerous pleasant bicycle routes and an excellent junction system. We have had the opportunity to experience this for ourselves.

Eindhoven in the Netherlands
Grafiti Brabant

Technology in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a major city in terms of technology and innovation. It was in this city that electrical giant Philips founded its brand. Although the company is now expanding elsewhere, you can still see many (old) traces of Philips in Eindhoven including the soccer station, the light tower, the old factory and residential area of the former employees.

Did you even know that Eindhoven has been crowned (several times) as one of the most innovative cities in the world? This thanks to all kinds of clever and innovative inventions but also thanks to their excellent University of Technology and conferences. But the city is more than that. You’ll find the best restaurants, colorful street art, a vibrant nightlife, countless shopping centers and hip neighborhoods.

Favorite spots

Our favorite spot in Eindhoven is Strijp-S where Sunday afternoon there was a cozy salsa initiative and all kinds of young people gathered to enjoy the nice weather and a nice drink. Furthermore, we recommend a visit to Down Town Gourmet Market where you can choose from all kinds of traditional cuisines ranging from (the very best!) sushi to tapas. Tip: arrive on time because it’s always a long wait for a spot but more than worth it!

If you love art and enjoy fine dining, we recommend stopping by the Kazerne. This impressive building exhibits the work of several artists and you can combine your visit with lunch or dinner. You may even take your aperitif as you walk through the gallery. A unique place in the city.

Beer lovers, in turn, should be at brewery 100Watt for a nice dinner with appropriate beer. And for the perfect Instagram hotspot, Thomas is the place to be. The interior really blew us away and the service is super friendly!

Overnight we stayed at the equally hip The Match hotel which you will enjoy mainly as a creative young person. Single-minded people meet there and it’s the perfect place to do co-working as well. Single-minded people meet there and it’s the perfect place to do co-working as well.

There is really too little time to visit all the excellent addresses, but do try to tick off some of the above. It’s worth it!

Would you like to know more about Eindhoven? Then be sure to visit the official visitor site.

Bar Eindhoven
Brabant Art


Nuenen is a municipality near Eindhoven and Den Bosch where painter Van Gogh lived from 1883. Van Gogh was a born and bred Brabander who lived in several places during his short life. In Nuenen you can still discover many authentic traces of the artist. For example, the church where his father was a priest, their childhood home and the home of his beloved.

At the Vincentre museum, the former town hall, you can start the tour and explore. Note: Nuenen was not Van Gogh’s most florid or best period of his life. But it is truly impressive to stand in the same places on which he based world-famous works of art. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates the arts.


Brabant also has several castles. We visited the grand Heeswijk Castle and it did not disappoint. The interior has remained virtually undamaged and the exterior is simply phenomenal. Heeswijk Castle is also surrounded by a beautiful nature reserve where you can take beautiful walks or bike rides. A gem amidst the greenery. A castle to dream away at. And so there are plenty of castles to be found in Brabant that are more than worth visiting.

Statue of Van Gogh
Nuenen museum

Den Bosch

‘s Hertogenbosch, or Den Bosch for short as the Dutch call it, is the capital of the province of Brabant. It is a gem that is gradually becoming more familiar to both Belgian and German audiences. It is a gem that is gradually becoming more familiar to both Belgian and German audiences. So the ideal location for a weekend getaway or a day trip.

We found Den Bosch to be a very charming city full of romantic corners and surprising aspects. How about a boat trip on the Binnendieze, a visit to the impressive St. John’s Cathedral or a pleasant dinner in the Korte Putstraat? For an afternoon of shopping, you should also be in Den Bosch. Here you will find some well-known chains but also mainly beautiful, smaller boutiques. You can spend the night at Golden Tulip Hotel Central vlakbij de Bossche Markt in the city center. Or in The Duke and Little Duke, Bossche Suitesor Soete Moeder. Plenty of choice!


Finally, we made a stop at Heusden. A picturesque village with beautiful buildings surrounded by water. No busy and bustling city life here but a relaxed, charming atmosphere that immediately puts you in a vacation mood. A walk or bike ride on the dike along the water, a boat ride on the Meuse River or visiting one of the many galleries are just some of the many options for spending your time here usefully. In Heusden you will also find many crafts such as candle making. Besides, the village is very photogenic.

Castle Brabant
Boating Brabant

Loonse and Drunense Dunes

For those who have had enough of all the towns and villages, they can seek out nature in Brabant. One of the most beautiful places is definitely the Loonse and Drunense Dunes. From late September, the heather blooms here and the dunes turn a beautiful purple. For those who like brisk walks, this is the place to be. How about a brisk walk of 3 hours and 40 minutes? But you can also come here for a day of quiet relaxation or a picnic. Even horseback riding is possible here. Reason enough to stop here during a road trip or vacation in Brabant.

Visit Brabant( in the Netherlands)

You will surely notice that Brabant has enormous assets. Too many to discuss all. So go and discover this beautiful province yourself and let VisitBrabant surprise you. You’ll come across the most beautiful places on your own.

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