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A trip to Breda is a day full of fun

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The other day we went on a trip to Breda on a sunny day. This Dutch city is not far from Belgium, making it the perfect getaway for a day packed with shopping, fine dining and sightseeing. Breda has been approved by us!


Breda is located just across the border from the Netherlands, near Belgium. We drove just under an hour to Breda, making this the perfect excursion for a day of fun abroad for the Belgians. And for the Dutch, it’s the perfect city for a day out in their own country! Too bad we had never been there before, because this is a really nice city!

Streets Breda

Food and drinks

Breda is the perfect base for fine dining and drinking. There are countless cafes and restaurants! With the many squares that this Dutch city has, there are plenty of places to choose from for something to eat or drink. And truly every spot is equally charming and cozy! It is the ideal city for terraces, if you ask us!

Shopping trip

If you are looking for a nice place to shop for hours, you should visit Breda once. The shopping streets spill over into each other and there is no end to it! There are the well-known chains but also small, fine boutiques where you can find unique clothing and accessories. You’ll come across them naturally as you wander a bit through the streets of this city. There are also plenty of cute stores with handmade goodies. This city has everything for a perfecteshopping trip! Reason enough to make a trip to Breda.

breda-Town Square
Groen in Breda

Green and quiet

Breda is more than just a busy shopping city. You will find an enormous amount of greenery! There are a number of parks including Stadspark Valkenberg. That’s where you need to go! You walk there along the water, through the beautiful nature and to the castle located at the park. This is a very relaxing place for those who like to escape from all that shopping!

Beautiful city

Beyond all these fine things to do in Breda, this is also a very pleasant and beautiful city. It is neat and clean and full of nice little squares where you see one impressive building after another. As you are exploring this city, you will come across an interesting place every time. That’s what makes Breda so unique. Behind every corner, a surprise is waiting. A city to discover!

Have you been on a trip to Breda?

Have you been on a trip to Breda? And did you like this city as much as we did? Or have you yet to explore this city? Let us know via the comments or on our Facebook page!

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