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The Netherlands

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The Netherlands

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The Netherlands is the neighboring country of Belgium where we live. We have been here a lot in our youth and know this country almost as well as our own country. And in our opinion, the Netherlands has a lot to offer. You have beautiful cities such as Amsterdam, Eindhoven, but also Zwolle and Den Bosch. But in addition, the nature of Zeeland or, for example, Veluwe is certainly worth a visit. Learn all about the land of cheese, clogs and windmills here.

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The Netherlands


The Netherlands has an excellent public transport network. Public transport is therefore the ideal way to explore this country, especially in the cities. Another way to explore this country is by bike. Because the Netherlands is one of the most bicycle-friendly countries in the world. For those who are not sporty and do not like public transport, there is also the possibility to rent a car. A taxi is much too expensive to discover this country as a tourist.


In general, Dutch cuisine is not really known as good cuisine. Yet you can find some tasty specialties such as cheese and stroopwafels. Bitterballen and oliebollen in the winter are also a typical specialty of the Netherlands. Food in this country is cheaper compared to some other countries in Europe. Especially if you travel on a budget and want to cook for yourself, a store like Albert Hein is highly recommended.


The accommodations in the Netherlands are almost always of excellent quality and equipped with the most technological developments. Prices for an Airbnb or hotel are very similar to all other countries in Europe. Only in Amsterdam you will pay a much higher price than the average. The best way to book a hotel in the Netherlands is undoubtedly .

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The Netherlands

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