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What to do in Lucerne?

Things to do

In Lucerne

We were recently invited by the Tourism Authority of Switzerland to the 2022 Content Creators Summit. For this summit Switzerland selects creators from different countries around the world to come together. We learned a lot from each other and the speakers. In addition, we also got the chance to explore the city of Lucerne. So we are happy to share in this post everything you can do in Lucerne.

1 The Kapellbrücke

The most famous bridge in Switzerland can be found in Lucerne. DThe Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge which is over 600 years old, has been featured in several films. Although it is mainly the beautiful paintings in the wooden bridge that are so special. In fact, the paintings depict the history of the city of Lucerne, so it is a journey through history when you walk the bridge. Unfortunately, some original paintings were already destroyed by a fire in 1993. This bridge is considered to be the most romantic place in Switzerland.

What to do in Lucerne?
Switzerland travel guide

2 Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne helps shape this city and is also the ideal place to enjoy a sunrise or sunset. You can enjoy the water in various places, such as one of the parks along the lake. Another nice place on the lake can be found at the Lido Beach House where you also have a beach and where you can swim in the lake. And for those who don’t like to swim but want to explore the lake, they can take the boat. Boat rides can be booked across Lucerne’s train station. A very nice sightseeing trip where you get a nice view of the city and the surrounding mountains.

3 Stucki Trekking

Those who love horses and nature should absolutely do the Stucki Trekking. On this tour you go on horseback through the Sörenberg region where you can still find raw nature. A horse ride through these panoramic landscapes will take you back to the wild west. You can book this unique experience from April to October and prices start from 180 euros. This excursion is a hidden gem in Lucerne so you can only book this activity by mail. We recommend booking this early.

Lake of Lucerne
Do in Lucerne

4 Musegg-wall

In addition to the Kapellbrücke, Musegg Wall and its 9 observation towers is one of Lucerne’s attractions. This wall and its observation towers are almost completely walkable and provide a beautiful view over the city. In addition, one of the towers contains an impressive and authentic clock, which is very special to see. A walk on this 870-meter long wall is highly recommended. You can visit this place either with a guide or without a guide and is completely free.

5 Mount Pilatus

An absolute highlight is Mount Pilatus. This 2137-meter-high mountain gives you a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the lake. In addition, you can do some nice hikes here and even spend the night at the hotel on the top of the mountain. We stayed at this luxurious hotel last year and it was a wonderful experience with the most beautiful sunset and sunrise. You can also go on a tree climbing excursion at Mount Pilatus or book a paraglide. You get there by cable car or by train. Sports enthusiasts can even embark on a hike to the top.

Mount Pilatus Switzerland
Mount Pilatus Switzerland

6 Stanserhorn

Another and somewhat lesser known mountain is the Stanserhorn. This 1898-meter-high mountain is considerably smaller than Mount Pilatus but no less beautiful than its competitor. Also from this mountain you have a beautiful view of the city and the lake. In addition, the cable car to the top of the mountain is very impressive. For example, it is the world’s first cabrio cable car. You can enjoy the panoramic views on the road much better thanks to the open roof. We experienced this during a wonderful sunset that we will remember for a long time. Also from the Stanserhorn you can make a lot of beautiful walks.

7 Tasting & Making of Chocolate

Anyone who thinks of Switzerland automatically thinks of chocolate. So a unique experience with chocolate should not be missing from your list of what to do in Lucerne. And in our opinion, there is no more fun and better way to learn more about Swiss chocolate than by making and tasting it yourself. A unique experience offered by Max Chocolatier. Different formulas are possible with the cheapest formula starting at 85 euros per person. But tasting and pouring your own chocolate bar is the real deal. The price for this is slightly higher: 150 euros for 120 minutes of workshop fun.

Zonsondergang Luzern

8 Schrattenfluh hike and cave

Those who enjoy hiking and special views can no doubt indulge in The Schrattenfluh Hike. This special mountain range, created by a hundred years of erosion, can be visited from April through September. You can do the walk with a guide or you can also do it yourself (note: some experience required). Here you can find more information about the possibilities. Under this protected UNESCO environment there is also a whole network of caves that you can also visit.

9 Bürgenstock and Hammetschwand elevator

Bürgenstock is perhaps the most luxurious resort in all of Switzerland. Staying in this hotel is therefore not possible for many because a hotel room quickly starts at 1200 euros per night. But you can get a little taste of all this opulence and luxury thanks to a visit to the excellent Asian restaurant with panoramic views. A visit to the impressive spa or cinema is also possible for non-hotel guests. Moreover, this hotel is also a great starting point for some great hikes thanks to the 120-meter-high Hammetschwand elevator that takes you to a panoramic peak. The Bürgenstock Resort can be reached by the climate-neutral ferry that leaves from the center of Lucerne.

Bürgenstock hotel
Spa in Luzern

10 Old city center

In addition to the romantic Chapel Bridge, Lucerne also has a tremendously beautiful and authentic city center with decorated facades. The old town (Altstadt) is also completely car-free. This makes these typical Swiss shopping streets one of the nicest places in Switzerland. We were introduced to several Swiss cities last year, and Lucerne became one of our favorite partly because of its charming old town.

11 Swiss Museum of transport

Anyone interested in transportation and technology should definitely visit the Swiss Museum of Transportation. This museum that attracts more than 1 million visitors each year introduces you to the history and future of transportation on land, in the water and even in the air. In addition to the impressive submarine, the simulation flights where you can feel yourself as a pilot are an absolute must for children and families. A day pass will cost you 56 euros per person.

Water Luzern
Enjoy in Lucerne

Transport in Lucerne

Visitor Card

Lucerne has a very unique concept. In fact, you can ask for a Visitor Card for free at any hotel. With this card you can then use all public transport in the city (zone 10). Perfect for visiting the city and checking off this list of what to do in Lucerne. In addition, you also get a lot of discounts at tourist attractions. Check out the possibilities here.

Swiss Travel pass

The easiest way to get around Lucerne and the rest of Switzerland is with the Swiss Travel Pass. This allows you to use all public transport in Switzerland. We ourselves have used this pass several times and it is by far the easiest way to get around. You can take this pass from 3 to 15 days and you can take a distinction between 1st or 2nd class. You also have access to a very large portion of the museums and cable cars with this travel pass. Those who are staying in one place and only need to take one or two trains or buses are probably cheaper off with single tickets, though.

Lucerne Switzerland
Stadsbeeld Zwitserland

What to do in Lucerne?

As you can see, Lucerne has a lot to offer. We especially love this Swiss city because of its coziness and charm. But also by the beautiful surrounding nature where you can already get within half an hour. You can go for a wonderful walk in the Alps during the day and have dinner in the cozy city center in the evening. That combination ensures that this will not be our last visit to this intriguing city. Anyone with further questions or comments about this “what to do in Lucerne” can always contact us via our contact page or Instagram page.

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