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Although Switzerlanddoes belong to Europe, it is not part of the European Union. As a result, roaming charges are applied when using the Internet in Switzerland. These roaming charges can sometimes run up to several hundred euros so it is better to avoid using them. Fortunately, there are some solutions that we would like to discuss with you.

Free wifi

Most public places such as stations and airports have excellent Wi-Fi networks, only the trains and streetcars themselves do not (with few exceptions). Also, finding a hotel that does not have a good wifi network will be difficult. So when you don’t want or need to be reachable all the time, both the internet from public places and hotels should be sufficient. For those who want to navigate with their smartphone, you can use the application where you can navigate offline.

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Travellers WiFi

The best and easiest solution for internet in Switzerland, in our opinion, is the Travellers WiFi.This portable wifi hotspot that can be obtained in any airport, train station or car rental shop and in fact gives you unlimited access to 4G and today even 5G. The only drawback to this easy solution, however, is the cost. Indeed, this starts at €5.90 per day.

Prepaid card

Today, you can turn most smartphones into a hotspot. So buying a prepaid card that you can use to access the Internet is definitely a possibility. The only drawback then is that you cannot use your own cell phone number. The only drawback then is that you cannot use your own cell phone number. One website and provider where you can find prices is Swisscom.

Check with your provider

Some providers offer temporary special packages for using the Internet in Switzerland. For example, with our provider you can purchase a package of 10 euros for 2GB. Which is cheaper than roaming charges but is still door. However, this may be enough for some people. Informing your own provider what the possibilities are is certainly not a bad plan.

Internet in Switzerland - Our opinion

We ourselves used Travellers WiFi on our visit to Switzerland. This is because we often had to work on the road and therefore often had to use wifi. If your trip to this country is purely for vacation, we do not recommend it because of the high cost. Using the free wifi seems sufficient to us then. In fact, every hotel and also every restaurant has a good wifi network.

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