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Although Switzerland is not that far from us (Belgium). Did it take a relatively long time before we visited Switzerland? We only visited this country for the first time in 2021. But after this first visit, one thing is certain… we will be back! Because this country has a lot to offer with beautiful nature in the Swiss Alps and some nice cities such as Basel, Lausanne, Zurich and Lucerne. In addition, you can eat well here and drink some nice (especially white) wines.



Airline tickets

A flight to Switzerland will take approximately between 75 and 90 minutes if you depart from Belgium. You can then fly to the airports of Zurich, Basel and Geneva. You can already find tickets from 30 euros for a single ticket. In the high season (both summer and winter) this can easily be double. Want to find these deals? Then be sure to use Skyscanner’s price alarm.

Train tickets

Don’t feel like flying or is sustainable travel important to you? Then you can also come by train. You can then depart from Brussels or Liège and only have to change trains once (usually in Frankfurt). From December 2021 you can even come with a direct night train from Amsterdam. The prices of these tickets sometimes differ, so you can find them best on this website.


Switzerland has a lot of options when it comes to transportation. Here you have excellent trains, buses, trams, metros, buses, boats and even funiculars. If you compare this with Austria, for example, this is a huge difference. According to our experiences, the best option to transport yourself is by train. These are of excellent quality, always run on time and can take you practically anywhere. If you want to use the trains in Switzerland, it is best to buy a Swiss travel pass . This not only gives you access to all trains, but also to every other means of transport in Switzerland (even the Golden pass train). And on top of that you also have access to almost all museums in this country. Anyone traveling to Switzerland by car must make sure that it is in order with the Swiss vignette.

By car

You can also drive to Switzerland by car. Depending on the starting point and destination, you will then have to drive between 650 and 900 km. The roads in Switzerland are of excellent quality and are very nice to drive on. The environment in particular can be impressive. What is important if you travel to Switzerland by car is your vignette. You need a vignette to drive on the Swiss motorways. You can buy this vignette at gas stations close to the border, at the border itself where there is a separate lane for people without a vignette and online . These vignettes are valid for one year and have a cost of just over 40 euros. The price for petrol and diesel is comparable to the prices in Belgium and the Netherlands. Parking can sometimes be more expensive, especially in cities where you have to go underground.

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Most of the traditional dishes in Switzerland are mainly imported from neighboring countries, which makes for a great diversity of dishes. Still, there are some classics that you absolutely must try. For example, you cannot leave Switzerland without having made a cheese fondue or raclette. Also tasting the chocolate that the Swiss themselves claim is tastier than this one in Belgium should be on your wish list. In addition, this country also has some tasty wines that you can combine with one of the many cheeses.


You do not need any special papers or documents for Switzerland. For example, an identity card or international passport is sufficient to enter this country. It is recommended that you bring your (European) health insurance card. This will speed up any care at a hospital. The hospital wants to be sure that you can pay the bill.


Although Switzerland is part of Europe, you cannot use your internet subscription here. If you do this, you will have a high bill due to the roaming charges. Switzerland has found a solution for this itself by offering the Travelers WiFi . This is a portable WiFi hotspot that gives you unlimited 4G. You can find these hotspots at every airport and in every train station. Prices start from 5 euros per day.

Safety in Switzerland

Switzerland in general is a very safe country with one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and even the world. Despite these figures, you should always keep an eye out for gold thieves in the big cities. These can be found in every major city in the world. In addition, this country also has a good health care system with excellent hospitals. If you still need help, you can use the general emergency number 112 or the 117 number for the police.


In Switzerland you do not have to pay a tip. As in Belgium and the Netherlands, this is already included in the price. If the service is excellent, the amount can be rounded up. This is not mandatory and a personal choice.


A real souvenir from Switzerland is of course the Swiss army knife. You can find this in almost every store. Other souvenirs often bought in this country are watches, a thimble and tasty chocolate.

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