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What to do in Stockholm

What to do in


Stockholm is a beautiful, large city in Sweden and there is a lot to do and see. Here we mainly discuss the best activities to do in Stockholm. Have fun with this list What to do in Stockholm!

1 Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan or Stockholm’s Old Town is the most charming part of the city. You will find authentic buildings, a beautiful view over the water and countless beautiful souvenir shops with handmade products from soap to ceramics. There is also the Royal Palace and several museums. You have to spend a (half) day here.

2 Royal Palace

The Royal Palace itself is also worth a visit. You can walk all the way around from the outside, but you can also go inside. The palace actually has five different museums that you can visit. It also serves as a palace. It is therefore very large and you can spend a whole day here with all the rooms on display.

Stockholm Attractions
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3 Skansen

Skansen is the largest open-air museum in Stockholm and the oldest in the world. You can compare it a bit with a visit to Bokrijk, but even more authentic. You come here if you like a back-in-time feeling and you like to see old traditions of Sweden. Note: It is not free!

4 Vasa Museum

The most famous museum in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum. Actually, we don’t think there is much to experience, but what there is to see is impressive. The museum exhibits the only 17th-century ship that has survived. One of the most unique museums in the world for boat enthusiasts. It can sometimes be very busy and it is best to buy tickets in advance.

5 Museums

Stockholm of course has many other museums. The best known and most special are the Fotografiska museum, which is one of the world’s largest exhibitions of contemporary photography, and the Nordiska Museet , which is primarily a cultural museum. Both are more than worth a visit if you are in Stockholm for a longer period of time.

6 ABBA Museum

One of the newest and most popular museums in Stockholm in recent years is the ABBA Museum . And that’s not surprising since you can see original costumes and gold records of the popular 70s band. Highly recommended!

Things to do in Stocholm Museums
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7 Djurgarden

Djürgãrden is a peninsula that belongs to Stockholm. Actually it is part of the city. All major and major parts of the city are connected by a bridge that makes it easy to get from one part to the other. On foot or by tram. This is also our favorite area in Stockholm. You can take a beautiful walk along the water or go to the various museums.

8 Grona Lund

This amusement park is located on the island of Djürgãrden, you can sit here on a roller coaster that runs right next to the water. The amusement park has been around since 1883 and is a unique experience. We would only go there if you are in Stockholm for a longer period of time.

9 Haga Parks

Hagaparken is, unlike the previous sights, a bit more remote but no less worth visiting. You can get there very easily by metro and bus. For the inhabitants of Stockholm, this park is the ideal place to relax by the water or have a picnic. There are also often events such as sports activities in the park.

Haga Parks
Hagaparken Stockholm

10 Drottningholm Castle

Drottningholm Castle is located just outside the city and is a huge palace where you can visit the palace and gardens in English style. It is a residence of the Royal family and it shows. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you have a little more time in Stockholm, this is the place to go.

11 Metro

Finally, taking the metro in Stockholm is also one of the highlights of the city. Not only are they very practical but also very beautiful. You can admire a beautiful mural at various metro stops. For example at the stop of Kungsträdgarden. It is the largest underground exposition in the world. A must for any art or urban lover.

Stockholm Attractions

This was our list of things to do in Stockholm. They are the most special sights in Stockholm. There is of course much more to see and do, but these are the best activities. We hope you enjoy your next city trip!



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