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An unforgettable adventure in Sweden: The Canoe Trip

The Canoe trip


Are you looking for adventure and relaxation in one of the most beautiful places in Europe? Do you have an urgent need to escape the daily hustle and bustle? Want a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Then The Canoe Trip by Travelbase is for you!

Canoeing in Sweden

On a sunny Saturday afternoon we left on the trip of a lifetime: canoeing in Sweden. Never before did we do such an adventurous trip involving canoeing and wild camping in the wide open countryside. Beautiful Värmland in Sweden became our base of operations. Here you will find small to medium-sized lakes where you can take beautiful trips. A week of full enjoyment of silence, peace and nature. And being secluded from the everyday hustle and bustle, that too.

The Canoe trip
The canoe trip zweden

Start with a roadtrip

Sweden is not that far from Belgium. That makes it the perfect destination for roadtripping. This is also exactly what we did before our adventure on the water began. By car, we left a week before our canoe trip to Sweden. We had the freedom to explore the most beautiful lakes, waterfalls and parks in Sweden and neighboring Denmark and Norway at our own pace. Blessed! We spent the night in a typical Swedish cottage. All wood, painted red and with phenomenal views of a large lake. Fully charged and with great enthusiasm, we began The Canoe Trip afterwards.

Who is it for?

The Canoe Trip is the ideal diversion for people who have busy schedules, demanding daily jobs, experience high levels of stress, and/or have difficulty “letting go” in general. Or, of course, just for adventurers and epicureans who like to be in nature.

During this journey you will sometimes encounter yourself, get to know your paddling partner better and get back to the essence of life. You learn to take care of yourself (making food, getting yourself to safety, providing a safe place to sleep, etc.) and connect with both others and the beautiful environment. You will make friends for life there and be humbled by Mother Nature who can sometimes come out of the corner unexpectedly. In short, it will be the adventure of a lifetime that you will talk about for a long time.

Canoe aan het water
Travelbase canoe trip

De route

The route of the canoe trip takes you along varied waters with occasional landings. The latter is quite an intensive experience as you have to transport your own canoe and equipment while walking. Fortunately, you get wheels to make this trip more comfortable. It also brings a welcome change between sailing. Because you shouldn’t underestimate that physical effort either.

How much and how far you canoe, by the way, is entirely up to you. You can do the full route of almost 70 km but just as easily do a half tour or stay near a basecamp throughout the week. Niets is verplicht, alles is toegestaan. You choose!

During the trip you pass large lakes where sometimes fierce winds and waves can occur, but you also pass very quiet lakes and narrow rivers where it is great to float. So some stretches can be quite spicy and exciting but these are well interspersed with quieter miles.

Canoetrip Sigrid
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Overnight, on the other hand, you’ll do it in the wilderness or at a basecamp or shelter. On the latter two you are also allowed to make campfires and basic facilities such as toilets or shelters are often provided. But the real experience comes in the raw wilderness. You’ll find the best camping spots just by cruising and looking out for a place to sleep in time (late afternoon). By the way, with your own cooking kit and equipment on hand, you won’t need a basecamp either. You enjoy the secluded feeling on your own camping spot all the more.

After your tent is set up and you’ve enjoyed a hot meal, you’ll enjoy the beautiful view and impressive starry sky for hours to come. Never before have we seen these so intensely. For this you come to Sweden.

Sunset in Sweden
Melkweg canoetrip

Everything is arranged

By the way, when you book The Canoe Trip through Travelbase, you can be sure that everything is taken care of for you. Upon arrival, all the equipment is ready. This ranges from your own canoe to life jackets and a cooking stove. You choose whether to add a food package and whether you want bus transportation from Belgium or the Netherlands to Sweden. This way you can put together your ideal trip yourself and all you have to do is bring your basic equipment (tent, sleeping bag and mat, personal items…) and you’re ready to go!

Our experience

To be honest, at first it felt uncomfortable to get out on the water with so little gear. We are not used to traveling “light. The combo camping and canoeing is also an experience we have not done before. So that was pretty exciting!

But that tension actually went away pretty quickly because everything goes very smoothly and you also get help when needed. Before departure you will receive a professional explanation of the canoe, the possible dangers on the water and how to efficiently transport your equipment. You also have almost universal coverage in Värmland which gave us some peace of mind should something go wrong. After all, you have to make it “on your own” on the water and in nature.

Despite the healthy nerves we had beforehand, we really enjoyed this unique trip. Going back to basics is a very humbling and gratifying experience anyway. The feeling of absolute freedom is beyond description. We never saw the starry sky so bright before. And we have grown closer to each other. In summary, an extraordinary vacation and an experience we will not soon forget.

Canoetrip Zweden

Transportation to the canoe trip

Värmland is a fairly remote place in Sweden, so the best way to get here is by car. The Canoe Trip can also arrange for bus transportation from Belgium or the Netherlands. That’s fine, of course, and that way you don’t have to drive yourself. You can also get there by plane (although we recommend it less). You then fly to Oslo, which is a short two-hour drive from basecamp, and The Canoe Trip’s shuttle picks you up at the airport and takes you back.

Not only should you weigh the comfort of your mode of transportation, but you should also calculate the cost a little in advance. Gasoline is expensive right now so driving yourself is definitely not always the cheapest solution. You also have to cross some toll bridges which are expensive. Airfare to Sweden or Norway isn’t always cheap either so feel free to consider other options like the bus.

Once in a lifetime experience

Would you also like to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience? If so, book The Canoe Trip for 2023 now. The canoes often sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long to make sure you can join in your favorite week. You definitely don’t want to miss this adventure!

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