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5 facts about Sweden

5 facts about


Sweden is located in Northern Europe, more specifically in the Scandinavian area. Norway and Finland are neighboring countries and although this country is in Europe , they pay with the Swedish Krona. These are facts you may already know about the country, but there are also some things you may not have known. We discuss these below. Here are 5 facts about Sweden.


One of the most progressive countries we have been to is without a doubt Sweden. Everything seems to run smoothly and easily. Public transport is excellent, health care is one of the best in the world and the inhabitants are very helpful and tolerant. Sweden seems like a fairytale world. It made us realize that there is still a lot of work to be done in Belgium . In Scandinavian countries , without a doubt, they have a more “we” feeling and are more conscientious. It’s less with us. In addition, nature gets the attention it deserves. There are still many green oases in cities and the majority travel by bicycle or tram. And you don’t have to wait half an hour for that tram. These just come every five minutes. We would also like to see a more extensive and efficient network for public transport in Belgium in the future.


A progressive country also includes numerous inventions that are in the name of Sweden. Some of these inventions are the pacemaker, the dialysis machines, the three-point seat belt, dynamite and the refrigerator. Recent apps such as Spotify and Skype also have their origin in Sweden. In terms of technology, Sweden is one of the most innovative countries worldwide.

Sweden facts
Natuur in Scandinavië


Swedes think it is very important that everyone is equal. Men and women have the same rights and no one should feel inferior. Homosexuality is also accepted. Homosexual relations have been allowed in Sweden since 1944 and same-sex marriages have been allowed since 2009.


The capital Stockholm , often referred to as the “Venice of Sweden”, is the largest city and has no fewer than 24000 islands. This archipelago is without a doubt very impressive. One of the favorite pastimes or weekend activities of the inhabitants of Stockholm is therefore sailing with their boat and having a picnic on one of the islands.

Vegetarian food

Most of the traditional dishes in Sweden are meat dishes, of which game is a favourite. In addition to meat, fish is also popular. There is less choice for vegetarians. In some restaurants you will not even find options. Keep that in mind if you are a vegetarian. Select restaurants in advance where you can eat so you don’t have to walk away after seeing a menu full of meat dishes. It is also striking that in Sweden they eat warm for lunch. Often a piece of fish with cold vegetables. They do warm food again in the evening. So they often eat a warm dish twice a day.

Sweden facts

Did you already know the above facts about Sweden? Let us know in the comments . Do you know any other facts about the country? Share them with us in the comments . We are curious!



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