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5 Reasons to choose Menorca as your next travel destination


As a travel destination

Menorca is the second largest island of the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is smaller than Mallorca but bigger than Ibiza. Together with Formentera and a few more unknown islets, these islands make up the Balearic Islands. Mallorca and Ibiza are, of course, magnificent islands that rightly attract many tourists, and Menorca is a bit the ‘underdog’ of the balearic islands. However, Menorca has a lot to offer, so that status as an ‘underdog’ is unjustified in our opinion. It is a beautiful, quiet island with beautiful nature and a wonderful southern climate. The atmosphere of this Spanish island completely charmed us. Find out here why you should choose Menorca as your next travel destination!

Breathtaking bays

Menorca has incredibly beautiful bays with water so blue and clear that it definitely invites you to swim in it. You can swim among fish so be sure not to forget to bring your snorkel! Be aware that the water is tremendously salty so hold your breath and nose when you go underwater. Otherwise you may suffer from salt in your nose and throat leading to vomiting (as we had before when we jumped into the water without thinking!).

Menorca Market



Menorca, like the other islands of the Balearic Islands, has a wonderful Mediterranean climate. In the summer months, this temperature goes from 25°C to as high as 40°C. If you want to enjoy a wonderful sun vacation, it is best to book your trip from May to October. These are the sunniest months in Menorca. The winter months are less sunny.

Cozy towns

Menorca has some very pleasant cities. Our favorite town is Ciutadella. You will find beautiful Spanish architecture, many typical bohemian stores, local (evening) markets and a breathtaking harbor. Another city in Menorca that we can definitely recommend is Mahon (or Máo), the capital of Menorca. It is a busier city but still with a lot of charm. If you get a chance, be sure to visit the El Carmen church and monastery. The local market Mercado de Pescados is also worth a visit. You’ll find all kinds of local produce and freshly prepared dishes. We tasted there the best paella we have ever eaten. Do take into account extremely hot temperatures inside the market.

View Streets Menorca
Kraampje in Ciutadella

Fine bars and restaurants

Menorca has numerous nice bars and restaurants on the waterfront. It is an excellent place to watch the setting sun with a cocktail in your hand. Drinking and eating there is also relatively cheap. If you’re staying near Cala Blanca, be sure to have a cocktail at Moonlight Cocktail Bar. You’ll enjoy the tastiest, biggest and freshest cocktails with a stunning view of the bay. The garçons there are also very friendly!

Less tourists

Menorca has significantly fewer tourists than neighboring islands Mallorca and Ibiza. Their fame certainly has something to do with that. Still, this is a big advantage. After all, you’ll still see a lot of locals in Menorca, and the local markets and stores aren’t really focused on tourism either. It makes the island the perfect place to unwind.

We look forward to your response in the comments! Also, be sure to let us know if you have any recommendations in Menorca. Would you like more inspiration for your next trip? See here.



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