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Although Portugal has been high on our list for a long time. It took quite a while before we started discovering this beautiful country. We have not found a real reason for this. Because this country really has everything. With beautiful cities such as Porto, Lisbon and Sintra. But also an incredibly beautiful nature with the Azores, the Douro Valley and the most beautiful beach in Portugal ‘Praia da Marinha’ in the Algarve.

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The train network in Portugal is in good order, especially for long distances. You can book all tickets via the internet on the Comboios de Portugal website. The disadvantage of the trains is that the price compared to the long-distance buses. But of course you get some comfort in return. In the major cities such as Porto and Lisbon you can easily use the metros. These will take you almost anywhere in the city. A day ticket is between 5 and 6 euros. For the buses and tram you pay about 3.5 euros for 2 rides. These are also in excellent condition. In some cities you can even buy a combination card that allows you to use any means of public transport. The prices for these cards vary widely from each other. Renting a car is also an excellent idea . As well as Uber in the major cities.


Your accommodation in Portugal differs enormously from region to region. For example, you pay an average of 80 euros for a hotel room in Portugal (starts at 30 euros). In the Azores you already pay an average of 120 euros (start at 50 euros). However, a hostel in both regions is close to each other with an average of 25 euros for a night. The prices of a decent Airbnb in Portugal start from 25 euros, with the exception of Lisbon. Because this is the cheapest city in this country in terms of accommodation. Here you can already find an Airbnb from 20 euros.


With a budget between 15 euros and 25 euros per person per day for food and drink, you should definitely come to this country. Provided you don’t always go to the expensive restaurants in the tourist center. In Portugal, a lot of fish is eaten and especially the sardines are a specialty here. There are even entire shops where you can only buy this specialty. You should also try the delicious Pastel de nata pastry. You can find this pastry in different places.


Portugal is still in Europe so you can pay here with the Euro. You can also pay with a bank card here practically everywhere. Attention! Some banks require you to activate the ‘pay abroad’ function. You can often do this yourself in the bank app, but it is best to check this before departure. You will also have to pay extra for the money to be collected in Portugal, even if this is Europe. This can sometimes go up to 4. euros per lighting. In the restaurants and hotels, the tips are usually already settled. If this is not the case, 10 to 15 percent is the most commonly accepted tip.

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