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What to do in Porto


What to do in Porto

First we explored the area around Porto and then finally it was the turn of Porto itself. This city in Portugal had been on our wish list for some time because there is so much to see. A few days in the city are enough to see the highlights. Here we like to show you what you should definitely do and especially not do in Porto. Enjoy this “What to do in Porto”.

1 Exploring the Riviera Do Douro

The most famous spot is of course the quay at the iconic Ponte Dom bridge. This quay is also sometimes called The Riviera Do Douro. Not only will you find numerous cozy restaurants to eat in, but you can also just pleasantly stroll around and listen to the numerous (good) street musicians. The atmosphere here is very nice. It is especially charming in the evening when the evening sun descends over the Douro.

Wat te doen in porto?
Braga outings

2 Porto tasting at Sandeman

What to do in Porto Tasting delicious porto of course! Although you can do this almost everywhere in restaurants, it is still nice to visit the old wine cellars of the famous Sandeman Porto. You’ll get a full look at the process from grape to Porto in this tour. This just makes you want to taste more. The classic tour with two drinks comes to 13 euros and the premium tour with 3 drinks to 16 euros. Both tours are well worth this money in our opinion! There are also some more expensive tours of around 40 euros.

3 Churches and station spotting

There are so many churches in Porto that if you want to see them all you will be busy for a day. Even if you are not religious it is a must to visit some of the churches. The structure and drawings along the exterior are hugely original and will leave you amazed. Be careful! Some churches you can’t visit and others only before or after 12 noon. One building that fits nicely with this type of architecture is the Porto train station. All of these places are free to visit.

4 Livraria Lello & Irmão

Livraria Lello & Irmão is perhaps the most famous bookstore in the world. And you notice this especially in the long queues to get into the store. We don’t quite know if it’s worth spending hours in front of this library/shop but it is without a doubt a highlight of this city. A fun alternative to this activity is a toy store located 50 yards away. This store is decorated in the same style and is also impressive to visit.

5 A boat trip on the Douro River

Who says Porto, actually automatically says Douro. Because these two have been linked for centuries and they need each other too. So a boat trip on the Douro River is definitely not to be missed on a city trip in Porto. Especially the wine region through which the Douro runs is known and therefore an absolute must to visit as a wine or nature lover. You can book these tours from as little as 20 euros per person. You can book these tours online, but finding something locally in Porto seems to us the best and cheapest way.

6 Tramway

Riding in one of the authentic streetcars through Porto is part of this city trip. You can find these streetcars almost all over the city and a ride will cost you 3 euros. Maybe this seems like a lot for streetcar ride, but it is an experience to experience the steep slopes of this city like this. Only downside? Nowadays these streetcars are so popular that in high season they are crammed and not so pleasant to take anymore.

7 Walking through the streets of Porto

Walking through the start of Porto is undoubtedly an activity in itself. This city has so many beautiful squares such as Avenida Dos Aliados Square. You will automatically come across one beautiful building after another. One perhaps more beautiful than the other. Especially the buildings decorated with blue tiles are beautiful!

8 Excursion to Braga

A trip to Braga is undoubtedly also a must do when in Porto. Located barely a 50-minute drive from Porto, this city is extraordinarily beautiful. You should definitely go to the Portuguese pilgrimage site Bom Jesus do Monte and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro. Both sights are impressive. The nature around it is lush, which gives these places a mystical feel. In addition, these two sites are also completely free to visit. For this excursion, however, it is best to rent a car.

Sandeman wine
city on the Douro

9 Jardins do Palácio de Cristal

A city trip can sometimes be busy and exhausting. And this is no different in Porto. A good way to escape all these crowds is to visit Jardins do Palácio de Cristal. This is a city park where you can rest and enjoy a wonderful view! In addition, there is also a playground for children and some other fun activities organized there throughout the year.

10 Other outings

From Porto there are plenty of other excursions to take. For example, you can go to the Venice of Portugal, called Aveiro, or to the pleasant seaside resort Costa Nova. Or how about a trip to the student city of Coimbra or a train ride as far as Lisbon? Visiting one of the nature reserves in this region is also a possibility. Reason enough to stay in the region for at least a week anyway. There’s plenty to do.

What to do in Porto

This was our list “what to do in Porto”. Hopefully, these are enough reasons to move to this beautiful city. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments. We are happy to answer them. Additional tips are always welcome as well, so that this list can inform people even better.

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