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Is Malta an expensive country?

Is Malta a

Expensive country?

“Is Malta an expensive country?” Is a question we regularly get after our trip to Malta. We would like to give you an answer to this question in this blog post. In general, we can say that prices in Malta are comparable to those in the south of Italy .

How much does transportation cost in Malta?

You should not budget much for transport in Malta. This way you can explore the capital Valletta almost entirely on foot. Those who want to use the bus network will pay a ticket price of €1.30 per day . You can buy these tickets when boarding the bus. You can rent a car from €15 per day . There are also cheaper options, but these are often not in order with the insurance. In our opinion you do not need a (rental) car in Malta as the island is not that big and all sights are easy to reach. Those who want to go island hopping to the island of Gozo pay € 4.50 for a return ticket by ferry.

You can also use Bolt. This application offers the same services as Uber. You can therefore expect very comparable prices. For example, we paid 13 euros for a 25-minute ride. A more expensive option but convenient if you have to get from the airport to your hotel.

Is Malta an expensive country?
Budget for Malta

How much does an Accommodation in Malta cost?

Whether Malta is an expensive country is of course partly determined by the accommodation. And the bulk of your budget will go there. The price for a hotel usually depends on the season, but on average you can already find a decent hotel room from 35 euros per night . Although in some periods this can rise to a cost of 60 to even 80 euros per night . The hotels in the center of Valletta can run up to several hundred euros per night. But since transport is very cheap, a hotel in the center is not necessary.

A cheaper option is to use Airbnb . Where you can book a great room for €25 a night . The only downside to this application is the offer. This is because this is rather limited and smaller than in other European countries.

How much does food cost in Malta?

Eating and drinking in Malta can of course be made as expensive as you want, but in general the prices are comparable to those of other Mediterranean countries. This way, as a budget traveler with a budget of €20 per day , you can certainly get by. For normal travelers like us, who also like a nice drink with dinner, you can count on a budget of €35 per day . This price depends on your hotel. If you already have breakfast included, this price will of course be less. The average price for a meal in a cheaper restaurant is around €15.

How much do the trips in Malta cost?

Trips in Malta are unfortunately on the high side. For example, you can easily pay an entrance fee of €5 for lesser-known sights and €10 for the more famous sights. On the other hand, the average price on Get Your Guide for an excursion is only €25 , which is very low compared to other European countries. We find a budget of 20 euros per day on average a very acceptable budget for a visit of a week.

Malta door street scene
Streets of Malta


The prices of souvenirs in Malta are surprisingly low. For example, you can buy a popular knight statue of about 20 centimeters for €5. This is sometimes different in other tourist regions. You don’t have many shopping opportunities in Malta. But where this can be, the prices are very similar to those throughout Europe. This is mainly due to the presence of the large chains.

Tipping in Malta is not mandatory but is expected. 10 percent in restaurants and rounding up for taxi drivers is a commonly used margin.

Budget for a week in Malta

Below we would like to give an overview of our budget for a week in Malta. This budget is calculated per person for a trip of two people. When you travel alone, the price for accommodation per person will be higher.

  • Accommodation = €210
  • Food and drink = €240
  • Transport = €15
  • Trips = €140
  • Extras = €10

  • Total : €605

Pay in Malta

You can pay in Malta with the Euro. You can therefore withdraw cash everywhere with your bank card. Although it must be activated for foreign payments. This can be done quickly in your bank’s application. Withdrawing money is not really necessary, though. You can pay almost everywhere by card or credit card.

Is Malta an expensive country? Our opinion

In our opinion, Malta is not an expensive country, but it is certainly not a cheap country either. The prices are very comparable to all other countries in the south of Europe. On the other hand, the value that you get back for this money is greater than in other countries. The cost should therefore not be a reason not to travel to this beautiful country.

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