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The most beautiful Christmas market in the Benelux

The most beautiful

Christmas market in the Benelux

In our opinion, the most beautiful Christmas market in the Benelux can be found in Luxembourg City. In the city center, the streets are transformed into a magical spectacle of lights and cosiness. Find out here where to go.

Citytrip Luxembourg

Luxembourg is not large and can be reached after only a 2.5-hour drive from central Belgium. So you can perfectly plan a city trip or weekend getaway to Luxembourg if you like to get away for a few days. With family, friends or as a couple.

Moreover, Luxembourg surprises every season. In autumn and spring you can enjoy the beautiful changing landscapes, in summer you experience the most fun outdoor activities and in winter, Luxembourg City becomes the coziest city in the Benelux. So be sure to explore this small country at different times to get different impressions. You won’t regret it!


Every year there are several festivities in the capital, the most famous is Winterlights. Thanks to Winterlights, you can enjoy a warm Christmas atmosphere in various squares around the city from late November through early January. There are also plenty of activities. For the full program, check the Winterlights website.

Kerstsmarkt in benelux 3
Kerts in Luxemburg

Places to see

There are two must-see Christmas markets in Luxembourg City. The first can be found at Place d’Armes. Here there are mostly food and drink stalls and a large Christmas tree at Cercle Cité, a beautiful government building used for receptions and occasions. In addition to the annual Christmas market, there are plenty of restaurants, hotels and stores here. A place not to be missed during your visit.

A 2-minute walk from Place d’Armes you will find the other Christmas market you must see. It is located at Place de la Constitution, which lies at the foot of the Gëlle Fra and overlooks the Petrusse and Adolphe Bridge. This market is called Wantermaart (winter market) and is, in our opinion, the nicest of the two. Here, in addition to drinks and food, you will find an illuminated Ferris wheel, several Christmas-themed attractions, a large decorated Christmas tree and stalls selling handmade items. Truly a fairytale setting!

Lekker eten kerst

Why visit Winterlights?

Winterlights is more than a Christmas market. It is a spectacle of light and coziness in a fairytale setting. There is great attention to detail and the people are very welcoming. Our recommendations? The view from the Ferris wheel! That’s just wonderful. And eating a traditional gingerbread heart at one of the stalls is not to be missed either.

It is by far the most diverse Christmas market we have already seen in the Benelux. There is a large selection for children as well as (young) adults. Whether you visit in a group, with your family or as a couple, you will undoubtedly have a great time. Note that it can get very crowded in the evenings so opt for public transportation which is also free in Luxembourg!

Winterlights luxemburg
Winterlights benelux

Where to stay?

Since public transportation is free, easy and efficient in Luxembourg, there is no need to choose a (expensive) downtown hotel. We stayed at Mama Shelter a 10-minute drive from the downtown Christmas market. Mama Shelter is a trendy hotel with restaurant and stylishly decorated rooms. The metro stops almost right in front of the hotel. So you can fully enjoy the Christmas market because you don’t have to drive yourself and you can enjoy a few drinks.

Mama Shelter hotel
Mama Shelter Luxemburg

Winter or summer?

We recommend visiting Luxembourg during summer or winter. During the summer months you can enjoy the beautiful weather and brisk walks during the day. And during the end-of-year period, you can enjoy the coziness of Christmas markets and winter activities. So every season there is something to do in Luxembourg. Depending on your personal preferences.

Before you go, be sure to check the Visit Luxembourg website for the latest updates and news.

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