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Exploring the Moselle region of Luxembourg

Moselle region

of Luxembourg

We did not know until recently that there was a Moselle region in Luxembourg. And did this place surprise us! The coziest winter walk among vineyards, gourmet food and fantastic viewpoints. Read all about it in this article!

December in the Moselle

December in the Moselle? We hear you thinking: not the most auspicious period. And yet, this place surprised us in December to such an extent that, after the beloved summer months, it is in our opinion the best travel period to explore the Moselle. Why? We are happy to give you all our insider tips.

Illuminated winter walk

The most unique hike is during Wine Lights Enjoy in Wormeldange. You will walk among the vineyards of local winemakers at night and enjoy a beautiful light show along the way. And that’s not all. An entry ticket also gives you 15 coupons worth 15 consumptions during the walk that allow you to taste wine at various stalls. In addition, there are a few food stalls to satisfy an empty stomach. At the end a band will play music where you can chat for a while or dance the night away with friends. The ideal getaway with friends!

Mark this activity in your calendar for next year, as Wine Lights Enjoy is only available for one weekend in December.

Wine Lights Enjoy
Wijn drinken in de moezel

Most beautiful viewpoints

The Moselle is known for its beautiful views of the vineyards and Moselle River. So there are countless places where you can admire such a panorama, but we still like to give our favorite viewpoints. They are also the ideal photo hotspots. Our favorites by far were Koeppchen (Wormeldange), Greiveldange and Machtum. You can get there either on foot or by car. And the best part? During winter the place is not crowded with tourists so the chances of having the view all to yourself are relatively high.

De moezelregio van Luxemburg
Moezel in Luxemburg

Wine tastings

Of course, you don’t only have to walk among the vineyards, but you can also enjoy the delicious wine produced here. The most famous producer is Caves St. Martin in Remich. Here they still make quality wine and Crémant (sparkling wine) by traditional and labor-intensive ways. A visit to the impressive wine cellars is highly recommended. There is even an authentic barrel of some 34000 liters!

Wijn in Luxemburg
wijn Moezelstreek Luxemburg


In addition to wine, cider (apple wine) is also made in Luxembourg. Ramborn Cider Farm is a local, fair trade and organic company that makes cider from apples and pears. They started making cider to combat food waste from the region’s apple trees. Unfortunately, nothing was done with that for decades. Until a few years ago, 3 friends came up with the idea of making cider together like their grandparents did. Today, Ramborn has expanded into a thriving company that has already won numerous international awards with its apple cider.

Appels in Luxemburg
Moezelstreek Luxemburg


Near all these activities and viewpoints, you can stay overnight at Hotel Ecluse. A warm, comfortable and cozy hotel with an excellent restaurant. In summer, the swimming pool overlooking the vineyards is also open. Reservations can be made here.

Would you like more tips for a vacation in the Moselle region of Luxembourg? Check out the Visit Moselle  or Visit Luxembourg website.

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