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Glamping in Italy with Vacansoleil

Glamping in Italy


Our road trip through Italy is sadly over. We saw the most beautiful places in Tuscany and in the North of Italy. Our first stay in Tuscany was the most special. In fact, we camped there with Vacansoleil. Something that was too long ago but that we always really enjoy. It brings us closer to nature. This time, camping was just a tad different. Read all about our Glamping in Italy here.


Tuscany is the ideal region if you like the combination of nature and city. There are several excursions to do such as Firenze, Pisa or Siena. But at the same time you also have the tranquility of a vacation on the coast or among the numerous vineyards. Tuscany is so diverse. And you can eat and drink incredibly well. That’s exactly why we booked our vacation here. A more beautiful setting so close to home, we had not seen before.

Toscane verkennen
Market at the Glamping

Glamping in Italy

In the past we went camping with Vacansoleil in France. But this time it was completely different. The experience of glamping in our Serengeti luxury tent was the first time for us. Glamping is camping with just that little extra and it’s right up our alley! You have the comfort and furnishings of a cottage, yet the experience of sleeping in a tent in the middle of nature. We had three sleeping facilities, a furnished kitchen and bathroom at our disposal. On top of that we had a spacious terrace with table and benches. Wonderful to be able to eat outside in the evening in comfort while the sun slowly sinks behind the towering Tuscan trees.


Vacansoleil has a huge range of options for camping or renting cottages abroad. The range of choice makes the decision all the more difficult. We ended up choosing glamping in Italy because, weird but true, we hadn’t been there before and specifically Tuscany because this region blew our minds in photos. Around our campsite in San Vincenzo, a small fishing village, there were also plenty of excursions to plan that were no more than a few hours’ drive away. Think of cities like Pisa, Firenze, Siena, but of course also small cozy coastal towns. The location was definitely the deciding factor for us.

Camping Park Albatros

In Italy itself, the choice of campsites is also vast. We chose one of Vacansoleil’s largest parks because of its location, but also because of the facilities on site. Camping Park Albatros, the four-star campsite where we stayed for a week, has more than five swimming pools, two (takeaway) restaurants and two cocktail bars, several stores and the park is also within walking distance of the beach. There is also entertainment every evening for both young and old and a local market to explore twice a week. Enough to keep you busy for a week or two, then!

Glamping in Italy
Glamping in Italy


We said it before, this campsite in Italy is ideally located for many interesting day trips. For example, we went to Firenze, Siena and Pisa. But you can also take the ferry from Piombino, near San Vincenzo, to Elba, an Italian island. Furthermore, Vacansoleil gives you plenty of information about other excursions in an extensive brochure, such as a wine tour that you can drive yourself with your car or excursions that will certainly please children.

road trip

We chose to drive ourselves to San Vincenzo by car. So we turned our vacation into a little road trip. Having your own car on site is definitely a luxury if you plan a lot of excursions or you want to take home a lot of local produce (as we like to do!). Vacansoleil campsites always have ample parking space so why not go by car (or camper van)?

Camping Park Albatros
Glamping in Italy

Our this Glamping in Italy

Even though the campground we chose was so huge, we still had the feeling of an intimate experience. All facilities are close by, the staff is extremely friendly and the location is perfect. It is also a quiet campsite where there is still plenty of ambiance to enjoy. And Vacansoleil has the most luxurious Serengeti safari tents there for a unique experience that we had the pleasure of experiencing. We had a very pleasant stay and a wonderful vacation!

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