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It is actually quite remarkable that it took so long before we started exploring Italy (2019). Because the love for Italian cuisine has always been there. And the desire to discover places like Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Rome and the Amalfi Coast has only grown over the years. We were therefore very curious about our first road trip in 2019 through Italy. We can only conclude from this experience: We will definitely come back here!




Like us, you can of course also go to Italy with your own car. This will not only be cheaper in transport, but you will also have more freedom on holiday and you will see a lot more on the road than by plane. We did this trip without toll roads in 2 days with a stop in Austria . Is self-driving not for you? Then of course you can also rent a car yourself. Because in our opinion this country is best explored by car. Depending on the period and location, you can rent a car in many cases from 20 euros per day for a car (always check whether there is good insurance).

Public transport

Italy has an excellent public transport network. You can move around perfectly in every major city (except Venice) by bus or metro. The bus and metro prices depend on the company and the distance. But they are never going to be sky high. Always buy your ticket well in advance, because if you go on the bus or metro without a ticket, you will be fined 50 to 250 euros. You can also take the train for further distances. A ticket will never cost more than 30 euros. For more information about your route, take a look at . This is the official train company of Italy.

Toll roads

Almost every motorway in Italy is a toll road. If, like us, you have a lot of time, you can avoid this by changing your GPS settings. Otherwise you will have to pay for this. You can pay these toll roads with cash or with a credit card. Or you can buy a VIA card for 25, 50 or 75 euros at a gas station on the motorway. This card will then guide you through the pay points a little faster. The disadvantage of this card is that you will often have money left over. For the different classes of car and toll roads. It is best to check the official website of Autostrade per l’Italia .

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Italian cuisine is one of the most popular and well-known cuisines in the world and is therefore the ideal country for a food cation. Because everyone can taste a delicious pizza or pasta, right? But did you know that pasta in Italy is often only served as an appetizer? Surprising, right? But of course Italy is more than pizza and pasta. You also have the delicious ice cream, tiramisu, pesto and its world-famous coffee varieties espresso and cappuccino. The price of all these dishes in the restaurant is very dependent on the location. But you can compare the prices with the prices at home.

Accommodation Italy

The price for an accommodation in Italy is very dependent on the region and the season. But in general Italy is not a cheap country and you will have to charge a minimum of 100 euros per night for a hotel room. For an Airbnb you will have to provide a budget of 40 per night, although this can sometimes go up to 60 euros per night. Another and cheaper solution is to stay at a campsite with your own equipment or in a rented house or tent. This will cost you on average only 40 euros per night. At a hostel the prices start from 15 euros .

Pay in Italy

In most shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels you can simply pay with your bank card or credit card. Still, it is recommended to keep some cash with you (especially for toll roads). You can also withdraw money perfectly with your bank card, but do this at the major well-known banks and not at the smaller standalone ATMs. This is not always safe and you pay an extra processing cost. This can sometimes amount to 5 euros per transaction. Furthermore, you are not obliged to tip in Italy. The service is always included in the price (also with taxi drivers).

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