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Greece is a popular destination for Belgians and Dutch to go on holiday in the summer. Which is not surprising since it is wonderfully warm here in the summer. Greece equals sun, sea, sand and a good portion of culture. The Greek islands are especially popular, just think of Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Santorini and many other islands. Although a city trip on the mainland in Athens is definitely worth it! Another advantage as a tourist in Greece is that you get more for your money than at home. Despite the fact that they also pay with euros here.

Transport in


Rent a car

Renting a car to explore the mainland or one of the islands is definitely recommended. This is because taxis are quite expensive compared to a rental car. You can already rent a car from 40 euros per day. You can rent these cars at the airport, in the tourist areas and even in your hotel. Planning in advance is not necessary in Greece. Please note, because many organizations do not write down the damage to the car in advance. So take pictures of the entire car before you leave. Including from your dashboard. This prevents problems afterwards.


The bus is also a perfect means of transport in Greece. Because public transport is of good quality in many places. The prices of the bus can vary from island to island, but they will never be high. Please note, on some islands you have to buy your ticket in advance in one of the local shops (almost every shop sells these) or at your hotel. This is for safety reasons for the bus driver who does not have cash with him.


On the islands in Greece you will encounter almost no trains. This is the case on the mainland. There is a very good train network between Athens and Thessaloniki. Buy your train ticket at a counter, because on the train itself you pay double. If you are more than 6, you also have an extra discount of 30 percent. More information can be found at the OSE, the train company of Greece.


One of the most used means of transport by tourists in Greece is undoubtedly the ferry. This is mainly due to the popularity of island hopping. Prices can vary enormously. This can range from 20 euros to 250 euros, depending on the distance and the offer. Make sure you are always on time at the ferry, because it departs very punctually! What you cannot say about all modes of transport in Greece.

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