River cruise on the Rhine in Germany

River Cruise

on the Rhine

Exactly one week ago, our river cruise started on the Rhine River in Germany. This was immediately the first cruise we ever did, so we didn’t know at all what to expect. We would like to introduce you to our experience and discuss some preconceptions so you know what to really expect from a river cruise!


Maybe it doesn’t seem natural to go on a river cruise as a twenty-something, but why is that? There are quite a few preconceptions about taking a cruise, especially among young adults. Admittedly, cost can be a determining factor because it is certainly not cheap. But for those who love luxury and comfort, it is a form of travel you ‘ll have to check out. Moreover, our cruise with Viva Cruises included everything: meals, drinks, entertainment, gratuities, and so on. So in that respect, you don’t have to spend anything more on site.

Viva Cruise
Riviercruise duitsland

Only for old people?

When we tell people we have been on river cruises, the first reaction is usually “Isn’t that for old people?”. An understandable observation considering the average age is around 60 (and older). But we can refute that a river cruise is just for an older crowd. In fact, we enjoyed every minute on the ship. Because you go from city to city very quietly, and there is no abundance of entertainment on board, you are obliged to take a moment for yourself. We see it as a kind of reflection. A vacation where you can experience complete tranquility without too much outside stimuli. Blessed!

Environmentally conscious

Cruises also often appear negatively in the news in terms of the environment and pollution. That you dock en masse in the same cities as other ships, sometimes teasing the population with mass tourism, is true. Although they are trying to limit it.

A river cruise, however, is an entirely different experience. You only stay on site for a short period of time (often half a day) and then make room for others. The number of people on board is also rather limited and attempts are being made to offer more local experiences. For example, we did a wine tasting in Rüdesheim and afterwards enjoyed a city tour with a local guide.

In addition, the Viva One is equipped with solar panels that generate much of the total energy consumed. Also, no plastic cups and/or other unnecessary disposable materials on board. You pay for quality and you get it. So taking a sustainable cruise ship trip is perfectly possible.

City trip river cruise germany
Sigrid Duitsland


Just what we find so interesting about a river cruise? That you can see a lot in a relatively short time and with sufficient comfort. Not just one region, say the Rhine or the Moselle, but several cities. If you like city trips, it is probably the easiest form of travel there is.

On an 8-day river cruise on the Rhine with Viva Cruises, for example, you’ll stop in Düsseldorf, Rüdesheim, Koblenz, Strasbourg and Speyer. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about accommodations, meals, transportation, parking and so on. You choose which cities you would like to visit and hop on and off at your convenience. Easy as that!


It may be clear: a river cruise is interesting for any age. Whether you travel in a group, as a couple or alone, you will have virtue. Only with (young) children, we would not recommend it because on board silence and quiet are trumped and there may be little to do for them.

For us near-thirtysomethings, we had a wonderful time on the new Viva One. Rise with the most beautiful views, dine in one of their two onboard restaurants and enjoy a sunset on the Rhine with a glass of bubbly. That’s all we need to return home completely relaxed. Especially if you get easily overstimulated or experience a lot of stress, we can highly recommend a river cruise.

Duurzame riviercruise
Duitsland Riviercruise

Our experience

So our first river cruise was a huge success. It was an enriching experience. Thanks in part to the fine company, but certainly to the quality and service on board. The crew at Viva Cruises is unseen friendly and the all-inclusive formula very comprehensive. From cocktails and champagne to any three-course meal. Everything is included (except excursions) and of excellent quality. We also slept wonderfully in our spacious cabin with double bed, stocked mini-bar and full bathroom.

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