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Our city trip to the German city of Hanover



Last Thursday we left for Germany for a few days to discover beautiful Hanover. We hadn’t been here before and that’s a shame! This German city has much to offer. Here you can read all about it!

Road trip to Germany

Our city trip began with a fine road trip. We chose to drive to Hannover by car since it would only take a maximum of five hours and a car gives the freedom to stop at nice locations along the way. The weekend away was like a little road trip. We drove through Belgium to the Netherlands and through the Netherlands to Germany. We found this a pleasant way to travel and it gave us an instant vacation feeling. Maybe this would be fun for you to do sometime too? Vacations don’t always have to be far away!


Technology Fair


The first day of our city trip in Hanover, was to get acquainted with the International Technology Fair Cebit. Cebit is Europe’s Business Festival for Innavation and Digitization. It is a gigantic fair where you will find the latest technologies in all kinds of fields. From robots to marketing strategies to social media. Very interesting material for companies! And if that wasn’t enough, there was also a fun festival atmosphere to experience with food trucks, a large stage and a Ferris wheel. We learned some new things there that we will definitely apply in the future and we bought our first drone there! With this we hope to take some wonderful photos (very) soon.v

Overnight stay

We slept at Grand Hotel Mussmann. This beautiful hotel is located near the Hanover train station and in the middle of the city. Everything is very accessible, the metro is nearby and the shopping streets are within walking distance. The rooms were spacious and well cared for and the breakfast delicious! Additionally, this hotel has a private garage that you can use and the rooms have no number but a unique name with matching picture. Very original! You immediately feel very welcome. We can definitely recommend this hotel for a trip to Hanover! But more on this later.

Open Church

Discover Hanover

The following day we had the chance to really explore this fun city. We chose to visit, with a guide, the old part of the city. We passed by some special places, such as a church without a roof. This ruin is the remains of a church that was destroyed in World War 2. Very impressive to see!

And from one impressive thing we went on to another… A little while later we were on the roof of the Neues Rathaus enjoying a stunning view of Hanover. A very impressive building inside and out and the view is worth climbing (many!) stairs. And accompanying it is a huge park where you can find beautiful places and some peace. Definitely recommended! Furthermore, we can recommend the weekly flea market on Saturdays to rummage around as well as the countless stores for shopping!

Food and drinks

Of course, from all that walking around and shopping, you get thirsty and hungry. And you can eat and drink at several fine places in Hanover! Eating we did at several interesting places. The first evening we went for dinner at the Cebit Festival itself. Here we tried the homemade burgers and a sushi bowl. The following days, we ate Mexican food once (Yep, this still tastes good to us!) at Locorito and a healthy curry dish at Liebe Es. Both restaurants are definitely recommended if you want to eat something different. If you’re just going for dessert, we can recommend Kreipe. Here you can choose from different types of chocolate cake, as well as fruit tarts. To lick thumbs and fingers!

And drinking we did on the most beautiful terrace in all of Hanover: TeestĂĽbchen. Here you can enjoy a homemade icetea and a delicious cake on the terrace in the summer and in the winter with a blanket on the terrace (or cozy inside) of a delicious hot tea. It’s a tea house so expect lots of varieties of delicious tea. Choosing is hard so you’ll probably want to go back there again!


Impressions of Hannover

Hanover is an exciting and vibrant city with much to see and do.v The weekend we were there, there were a huge number of street performers and small performances. Perhaps this is not the case every week, but it gives the impression that Hanover is an atmospheric city where there is always something to do. Furthermore, we think Hanover is an impressive city because of its historical past and the beautiful buildings you can find there. There are some cozy spots to be found that will appeal to everyone. Young or old, city person or nature person. There is something for everyone!

Have you been there?

Have you been to Hanover yet? Would you like to go there sometime? Be sure to let us know in the comments! If you can recommend other German cities, we’d love to hear about it too. We would like to discover more of Germany.

After our trip to Hanover, we continued our mini-road trip. Wondering which German city we went to next? Tip: It’s an even slightly more unknown gem.

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