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Discover the Moselle region in Germany

The Moselle region


The Moselle region in Germany needs no more introduction. Endless vineyards overlooking the Moselle River make this region the wine region par excellence in beautiful Germany. In addition, you have plenty of charming villages and towns to visit and a boat trip on the water should not be missed. In short, a vacation spot with much to tell about.

wine region

The Moselle is of course known for its excellent (white) wine. Rows of vineyards on the slopes of the valley can be encountered on a road trip or bike ride. Not surprisingly, you’ll come across one wine tasting after another here. Therefore, one of the best activities here is to taste this delicious wine. As you drive through the vineyards you will come across several small tasting rooms and local stores in the villages. Take a moment to taste -with a view of the Moselle Valley- a glass of wine. Enjoy. This is vacation.

Moselle region Germany
Vieuwpunt Duitsland

Charming villages in the Moselle region

In addition to wine tasting, a visit to the charming towns and villages of the Moselle region is a must. Cochem is one of the most beautiful cities on the Moselle and known for its typical colored houses along the water. Note that this city is very popular with tourists so it can get crowded. Especially now, in times of Covid-19, we found it not quite responsible to walk together in narrow streets with many people (where mouth masks are also not mandatory). So rather postpone your visit until after Covid-19.

Besides Cochem, other cities are more than worth visiting. We enjoyed the small villages around Trier and the cozy Mörsdorf. But larger cities like Bonn and Cologne, for example, are also worth exploring. Also for children it is a nice place to be as various activities are offered at the Moselle from June to September. Be aware that during the summer vacations the Moselle region is very popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. Therefore, book your stay in advance.

Fairytale castles

In the wide surroundings of the Moselle you will also encounter one castle after another. In Cochem, you will find a castle from the 12th century on a mountain. Not far from there you can Burg Eltz, one of the most beautiful fairytale castles in Germany, visit. In turn, a beautiful ruin with a breathtaking view of the village can be found at Grevenburg. Also a little further, in Bonn, you have a wonderful array of castles including Königswinter. You do have to take a paying train for this castle, but it’s worth the effort. There are an enormous number of castles, ruins and fortresses to be found in and around the Moselle Valley. All seem to come straight out of a fairy tale. A touch of magic that this region has to offer.

Sigridofthesun Duitsland
Burg eltz
Sigi Moselle Region

Experience nature

The nature in the Moselle region is fantastic. Vast vineyards on dizzying plains against the surrounding mountains. It is a breathtaking scene. Especially for hikers, cyclists or motorcyclists, this is the place to be for an active vacation. In addition to several fairytale forests, you’ll find insane vantage points in the Mosel. Our favorites include. However, for bicycle tours, we recommend riding along the river. Here you will find the most beautiful places and of course stop for a snack and a drink.

Do you like adventure more? Then we recommend testing out the Geierlay suspension bridge. This meter-long suspension bridge over Mörsdorfer Bachtalz will make you gasp. The view is insane and the experience exciting. Especially when there is some wind and the bridge moves back and forth slightly, you can feel the adrenaline rush through your body. You can also do the crossing from one side to the other perfectly well with children. To get there and back, you should still count on an hour and a half. This is because you have to wait until you can cross back together. Queues may form on both sides but the organization goes fairly smoothly.

Have you been to the Moselle region yet?

Have you been on vacation in the Moselle region yet? The odds are in favor. After all, it is a very popular vacation destination and we totally understand why. There is much for both young and old to enjoy here. And the biggest plus? It’s so close to home. At barely three hours drive (from Belgium) you are already here. Well worth it for a weekend trip or longer of course.

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