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Vacations Normandy - The most beautiful sites of Normandy

Vacation Normandy

The most beautiful places

One of the most beautiful places in Europe and only a few hours drive from Belgium? That, without a doubt, is Normandy. A beautiful piece of France with a slightly less rosy past. A historically impressive place but perhaps even more impressive because of its beautiful rugged nature. That is how we can describe Normandy. Last week we were back there for the first time after years and we searched the most beautiful places for you. And without a doubt, we found those too. You’ll find our favorite spots of Normandy here!

Most beautiful places in Normandy
Étretat Frankrijk

The most beautiful places

of Normandy

1 Étretat

Our absolute favorite place in Normandy, are the rocks and cliffs of Étretat. Towering chalk cliffs separate the inhabited world from the rugged sea. The views here are insane year-round and you can look at them for hours. We went up one of the cliffs before sunrise to wait patiently for the moment of glory when the sun would come out. It was freezing cold on top of the rock but we immediately forgot that as soon as we saw the view.v Definitely one of the most beautiful places in Normandy! There was something magical about being the first and only ones in this imposing place. Afterwards, we hiked quite a bit further and fell from one surprise into another. Behind every bend or climb was another magnificent view. In the summer, you can have a unique picnic there or lie on the beach. In autumn you can take beautiful walks there. Definitely worth a visit!

2 World War II - Landing beaches

Of course, Normandy is best known for World War II. The territory was important on D-day for the liberation of Western Europe during the German occupation. As a result, locally you will see many references to that period as well as numerous museums and events related to it. You can’t avoid it and it is therefore advisable to delve more deeply into this piece of our history. The invasion beaches touch us in particular because Sigrid’s grandfather lived through the Normandy landings. He is 95 years old today and it seems unreal to us that he fought here. One can only respect that and hope it never has to come to that in the future.

Normandy Coastline
France Coastline

3 Mont Saint-Michel

One of the sights that was highest on our wish list in Normandy was undoubtedly Mont Saint-Michel. This island with world-famous abbey is located amidst an oasis of peace and quiet. It is surrounded by water and connected to the mainland by a bridge. It shows very fairy tale and surreal. During low tide you can walk around the island. We tried this too but often sank into the surrounding mud. Rain boots are recommended! Also be prepared for huge gusts of wind. While taking our photos, Sigrid took off her coat and it blew far away into the surrounding mud puddle. Result: Both Sigrid and her coat covered in mud. We did have a hard time laughing about it.

4 Honfleur

Normandy is also known as a paradise for painters and other artists. Honfleur is one of the towns that served as an inspiration to famous French painters including Monet. Not surprisingly, this is an inspiring place for many. The small harbor, surrounded by charming French houses, makes a beautiful picture that will make you stop for a moment. Especially when the sun threatens to sink, the landscape here is tremendously artistic. During the day you can eat well here and walk pleasantly through the streets with stores. A must visit if you are in Normandy.

Le Havre France
Kerk Frankrijk

5 Le Havre

We stayed in the city of Le Havre during our stay in Normandy. This large port city is not immediately the most beautiful place in Normandy but it is a very important one for the economy and tourism of France. You can also find a number of top restaurants here. And eating is without a doubt one of the activities you can enjoy in Normandy. You can expect sophisticated cuisine with many seafood dishes. So Le Havre is definitely worth a visit if you like good food and also like to go shopping. No shortage of stores and restaurants here! Lodging tip: Hotel Nomad which has ecologically sound decoration and is self-sufficient with water and electricity. Hotels like this make a difference in achieving a better world.

Most beautiful places in Normandy

We spent four days in Normandy and that was enough to visit these breathtaking sites. Of course, there are several other beautiful spots to be found in Normandy and you will need to take a little more time for them. The whole coastline is impressive and there are so many different charming towns including Rouen and Lisieux, for example. Plenty to do to have a great vacation there!

Have you been to Normandy yet? What is your favorite place and what do you think are the most beautiful places in Normandy? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook or on Instagram.

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