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Bulgarian Lev (BGN)


Bulgaria was perhaps not the first country we thought of when choosing a new travel destination. But we are very happy that we finally made it there. Because in addition to the big cities such as Sofia and Varna, this country also has a beautiful coastline on the Black Sea. But above all, this country has a beautiful nature, which is perhaps Bulgaria’s greatest asset. On top of that , it is really a budget – friendly destination within Europe .

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Bulgaria is a country where you can spend a lot of money but also easily do budget travel without having to sacrifice a lot. You can already find beautiful rooms at Airbnb for 15 euros per night and 30 euros for an entire apartment per night. But not only Airbnb is cheap, the hotels are also not that bad. Of course you also have rooms of 150 euros for one night. But the cheapest room in a decent hotel starts at 35 euros per night (which often includes breakfast). Of course, prices on the coast will be slightly higher than inland. In our opinion, the hostel prices are higher compared to the rest of the world. Because in Bulgaria you pay an average of 20 euros per night. Then we think you are better off with an Airbnb or hotel. We also recommend a hotel in Bulgaria in terms of hygiene.


However, transport in Bulgaria is not a problem. You can get anywhere in this country. Or you use public transport that is in order in most major cities such as Sofia. Or you can take the taxis that don’t cost that much compared to what people pay here with us. Pay attention to which taxis you take in Bulgaria because there are also some more expensive ones. It is therefore best to take the official OK taxis where the driver’s license is always clearly visible in the taxi. There are many organizations that try to counterfeit these taxis. With these organizations you suddenly have to pay in euros instead of in the local currency Leva, which turns out to be much more expensive.


The food in Bulgaria is quite healthy as many dishes consist entirely of vegetables. Although you can also eat a nice piece of meat or fish here. Some traditional dishes you should try are the Shopska salad, Tarator, Purlenka and even (Turkish) Baklava. As a budget you can count on an amount between 15 and 20 euros per day per person. Do you cook yourself? Then you can halve this budget. Do you go to the more expensive restaurants? Then it will be higher. By the way, Bulgarians only eat one real meal a day and all kinds of snacks throughout the day. Fortunately, they are adapted to tourists.


Despite the fact that Bulgaria is located in Europe, you do not pay here with the euro but with the Bulgarian Lev . In itself, this does not really have to be a problem because you can pay almost everywhere with your bank card. However, it is recommended to have some cash with you. But you can also easily withdraw this at an ATM. Attention! Some banks require you to activate foreign activities with your bank card before you leave. This can sometimes also be activated via the banking app.

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