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Vacations in Wallonia - The hotspots

Vacations in Wallonia

The hotspots

Last weekend we left for the Ardennes for a few days. Wallonia is among the Belgians still very popular – and rightly so – to spend a vacation. Especially the nature and charming towns and villages attract tourists. But what are the hot spots now? What places should you visit? We figured it out for you. This was our vacation in Wallonia with the best hotspots incorporated!

Gaume Region

We started our journey in the Gaume region. Beautiful nature and charming cities color this vacation region. You’re near the French border here and you can tell by the houses and villages. For hikers, cyclists and gourmands, this is the place to be for a relaxing vacation in Belgium. When visiting the Gaume region, be sure to stop in Florenville, a lively town where you can enjoy fine dining. If you pass through here, be sure to make a stop at Roche a l’appel. This is an impressively beautiful nature reserve where you can hike and enjoy the silence. Besides Florenville, Torgny is also worth a visit. This small village is also called the “Provence of Belgium”. And that’s not a lie. Here you will find -especially in spring and summer- charming houses decorated with all kinds of flowers. In addition, you can also visit a wine tasting.

Vacations Wallonia Bridge


The Gaume region is also home to the Abbey of Orval. This large abbey dating from 1132 is located in a beautiful area. Today you can visit the abbey as well as old ruins from that time. Impressive to see! You will learn more about the origins and history of Orval. And how the monks brew this delicious trappist. Afterwards, drink a delicious Orval beer with abbey cheese board in one of the nearby cafes. The ideal excursion for foodies and beer lovers.


Bouillon is not only a pleasant town to stay in, but especially its nature attracts many tourists. The most beautiful view in Belgium can be found here. Le Tombeau du Géant, or the “Tomb of the Giant,” provides a spectacular panorama of the Semois River and the surrounding forests. Here you can take beautiful walks from the viewpoint down to the Semois River. Along the way you will encounter windmills and be surprised by the beauty of nature. Bouillon is also known for its rich history during the times of Knight Godfriend of Bouillon. To understand this, you can also visit the impressive castle of Bouillon.

Rocher Du Hat
vacation wallonia nature


For nature lovers, Chiny is the place to be in Wallonia. You can kayak on the Semois or hike in the adjacent forests here in the summer. Our favorite place in nature is undoubtedly Rocher Du Hat. Take a stroll through the fairytale forest and you will automatically encounter the amazing panorama from this impressive rock. Here you can enjoy all the beauty that the Ardennes can give you: nature, peace and quiet.


In Dinant, there are plenty of different hotspots you’ll want to visit. You start of course with the impressive citadel. It was used as a defense base in both World Wars and today serves as a historical museum. Atop the 100-meter-high rock you have a fantastic view of the Meuse River and the city. Along the other side of the Meuse, directly opposite the citadel, you have the most beautiful view of the water.v A stunning photo location! Other hotspots in Dinant include the house of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone and native of Dinant. And the nearby castles Chateau de Vêves and Chateau de Freyr take you back to the regal past including lavish interiors.

Visit Dinant
Vacations Wallonia Dinant

Places to stay in Wallonia

When looking for a nice accommodation in Wallonia, you may notice that there are not many hotels available. Therefore, most Walloon villages do not have hotel chains. Then again, a charming Bed & Breakfast, or chambre d’hôte, is the better option. Many locals -in addition to their everyday employment as, for example, farmers or guides- run a B&B or it is their regular source of income. These locals know the region like no other, which is why it’s definitely a good idea to stay at such a chambre d’hôte.

Our recommendations

Our recommended chambre d’hôtes are the following. For a stay in the beautiful Gaume region, La Gaumaise is the right place. Here you will enjoy stylish, spacious rooms with a comfortable large bed and a breakfast packed with (homemade) regional products. The owners are cordial and happy to help you with the best sights in the area. A plus?A plus point? Virton’s train station is nearby (10 minutes away by car) and will take you as far as other towns and villages to visit.

Besides, you must have slept in a tree house at least once in your life, right? It was our childhood dream to do this one day and it finally became a reality thanks to the stay at Moulin de Lisogne near Dinant (15 minutes drive). The landlords of these beautiful, luxurious treehouses bring breakfast to your room in the morning or to the nearby farmhouse. Depending on the number of guests and your preferences, you will choose a customized treehouse. High up among the branches and in the wide open, you will sleep in a quiet environment. We have rarely slept so peacefully.

Vacation Wallonia Sigrid
Treehouse Dinant
Theehouse sigrid

Are you going on vacation in Wallonia?

Have you been on vacation in Wallonia? What’s your favorite place? Let us know in the comments so we can inspire each other. For more photos and personal tips about this trip, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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