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With the tightening of measures for foreign travel, we are more obligated than ever to travel domestically. But that can also be relaxing and adventurous. Belgium has so many beautiful places to discover. Outside of well-known places like the coast and the Ardennes, there are still plenty of beautiful places to be found in your own country. Therefore, here are our favorites. It is a selection made by us from our own experience. Other fun places you may always post us in the comments. We’ll be happy to test them out for you!We’re going to love testing them out for you!

1 Mechelen

Mechelen is a thriving city with a variety of fun activities to enjoy. It is the ideal city break. You can SUP on the Dijle (Stand Up Paddle), picnic in one of the many parks, store to your heart’s content or go wall climbing. All fine activities, but we especially love the nature around it. Natuurpunt has numerous domains in Belgium that are worth visiting. Similarly, in Mechelen. We completely unwind in a green oasis and so often seek out these places. Our favorite place close to home is the Mechels Broek. This nature reserve is located near the city center of Mechelen but it is a quiet place. You can take beautiful evening walks there and when the sun goes down you can spot the most beautiful sunset. Definitely worth a visit if you are in Mechelen.

Foodmarket Mechelen

2 Sint-Truiden

A vacation in Limburg is always good. Whether you head to cities like Hasselt or Genk, there is always something to experience. However, our favorite city in Limburg is Sint-Truiden because of two good reasons. First of all because of the beautiful nature you find there. You can bike through the vast landscape or walk along the fruit crops of several local farmers. There are even vineyards and tastings. In addition, Sint-Truiden is a pleasant city with warm-hearted people. You can eat well, enjoy locally brewed beers or visit one of their many monuments and landmarks. Definitely a must for a vacation in your own country!

3 Dinant

In our opinion, Dinant is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. Admittedly, in Dinant itself there is not that much to do except for a few museums and the citadel. But just beyond it all the more! You will find numerous beautiful castles including Chateau de Vêves which is a must visit. In addition, the Parc of Furfooz is a park you must discover! You will find caves, cliffs and other hidden gems. Admission is not free but that also makes it a quiet place to be most of the time. Ideal for adventurous hikers. If you are staying in Dinant for a few days, be sure to opt for sleeping in a treehouse instead of a regular hotel. It thus adds more value to your stay and vacation feeling. Definitely a must to do with kids.

Visit Dinant
Vacations Wallonia Dinant

4 Westhoek

Another corner of Belgium that we certainly appreciate is the Westhoek. This area is located in West Flanders and includes cities such as Diksmuide, Veurne, Ypres, Poperinge and Dunkirk. The area is popular with history buffs and with the British as it was the site of World War 1 in Belgium mainly. This event still brings several tourists to the Westhoek every year. You will therefore find many monuments. But even for those who are not so concerned with history, this is a unique place to visit. After all, you are near the coast, yet in a quiet, green oasis. You can hike or bike, eat well, enjoy the peace and quiet or schedule a day of wellness. On top of that, the people there are very friendly and you can find cozy B&Bs. Een persoonlijke tip is het Oud-Moeshof in Alveringem. An extremely well located and luxurious B&B with tremendously friendly owners.

5 De Kempen

In the Flemish Kempen, the northern part of Antwerp, there are plenty of beautiful places to be found. Lake Mol is nice to visit with children. In turn, the various abbeys are fine for burgundians. And the region around Averbode and Scherpenheuvel is nothing short of magnificent. There really is something for everyone. Also Kathleen Aerts (ex K3-tje) remains in love with the Kempen. And we totally understand why! That is why we are happy to return to the Kempen this summer to discover even more beautiful places.

Places to visit in Belgium
Places to visit in Belgium

6 Stoumont

Stoumont is a small village in the Ardennes. It is paradise for hikers and nature lovers who like to avoid the crowds of the High Fens. Especially when it has snowed, it is truly magical in Stoumont. From the village you can walk straight into the woods and follow the G5 route along a small waterfall. Several B&Bs can be found nearby and you are a stone’s throw away from cities like Coo, Spa and Malmedy. So there is certainly plenty to do for a weekend or even week of vacation feeling. A fine destination for both with children and a romantic getaway.


These were our absolute favorite spots for a vacation at home. It certainly doesn’t always have to be the coast or the Ardennes. There is plenty to do throughout our country! What are your favorite spots in your own country? Let us know in the comments and who knows, we might soon discover your favorite place in Belgium!

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