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Unique overnight stay in a traditional yurt

Unique night

traditional yurt

Do you dream of a unique overnight stay in a traditional yurt? Or maybe you’ve been to Mongolia, where these tents are commonly used by nomads, and you’d like to repeat the experience in Belgium? Then we have good news! At Nomadsland you can have this unique experience. We tell you in this article what to expect from Nomadsland.

About Nomadsland

Nomadsland, the land of Waes, can be found this summer in the forests of East Flanders. This place is ideal for anyone who enjoys natural and adventurous experiences. As a nature lover at heart, you’ve come to the right place. Staying at Nomadsland is camping with luxury. In addition to the cozy yurts, there are outdoor showers, toilets, a hot tub and sauna. Furthermore, you can also participate in activities including yoga, bread baking and kayaking. Everything here is about enjoying the surrounding nature and going back to basics (with the necessary comfort).

Tent Nomadsland
Overnacht nacht


What makes this place so unique is that here you are away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Relax and unwind. Niets is verplicht, alles is toegestaan. You’ll unwind here by engaging in things you might never take time for in your daily life. Like reading a good book, making a campfire and playing board games. Both couples and groups of friends can enjoy this place in peace. Here you make time for each other. Or for yourself, if you have a need.

Camping and adventure

Although this is a form of Glamping, and therefore accessible to almost everyone, we think the experience is more for people who love camping and adventure. Gathering your own wood, lighting a campfire, living outside and showering outside… It’s not for everyone. But if this is your thing, then you just have to go here sometime. The silence and relaxed vibes are unseen. We could use it to hit the pause button and take a break from our hectic lives. It was gratifying to spend a weekend at Nomadsland.

Yurt glamping
Unique night

Other trips

In addition to Nomadsland, there are numerous other trips offered by this organization. Each time with a focus on a unique experience. For example, there is the Vespa Trip in Italy, the Canoe Trip in Sweden and the Icelandtrail in Iceland. Each of these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences that should be on every adventure traveler’s bucket list. The trip of a lifetime? You book those at Travelbase.

More information about Nomadsland and the organization Travelbase that organizes these trips can be found on their website.

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