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The Vespa Trip – With a Vespa through the most beautiful landscape of Belgium and the Netherlands

The Vespa Trip


Thanks to The Vespa Trip Bruges you will experience a wonderful ride through the most beautiful part of Belgium and the Netherlands . We got on the red scooter last week and went exploring. You can read our experience here.

Belgium with the Vespa

Sunglasses on, wild hair in the wind and cruising on an authentic Vespa through the beautiful landscape in the surroundings of Bruges. You can experience that thanks to The Vespa Trip in Belgium . You choose your own route or let the GPS of your typical Italian scooter guide you and enjoy a day of fun on the road. In addition, such a red-colored (or blue) Vespa is also super photogenic. A unique experience in Belgium!

Vespa Brugge
Romantic in Belgium

Is driving a Vespa difficult?

Driving a Vespa is absolutely not difficult. Before you leave you have the chance to practice after a thorough practical explanation by the organization. You can choose to drive alone or with two on one scooter. It is easiest to drive alone, but once you have left it is also fine with two. Leave backpacks and unnecessary items at home as they can be annoying on the vehicle. Note: you do need a valid driver’s license to start!

Feeling of freedom

We absolutely found driving the Vespa a great experience. It gives a wonderful feeling of freedom. It is the ideal day trip for both groups and individuals. Romantic day trip with your love? A unique gift for a friend? Or an original team building with colleagues? Check, check, double check!

Scenic Route

You drive through the green area around Bruges and pass the most picturesque villages. If you follow the ‘scenic route’ of the GPS, you will immediately pass the most beautiful landscapes in Belgium and a part of the Netherlands. You start in Bruges, then drive past Damme to Cadzand and Sluis to return to Bruges. A surprisingly beautiful loop where you choose where and when you take a rest.

Red Vespa
De zee in Cadzand


If you choose to bring a picnic, or book it via the website of The Vespa Trip, you can have a delicious lunch with a sea view at Cadzand or in one of the many meadows, benches or quiet places that you come across. It is certainly idyllic!

The vespa trip Bruges

After a day of fresh air on your scooter, you can completely relax in the beautiful city center of Bruges. There is always something to experience. You can spend the night at hotel The Black Swan and there are plenty of dining options nearby. You can therefore easily link a Vespa Trip to a (romantic) weekend in Bruges.

The Vespa Trip Italy

For those who like it a bit more adventurous, more traditional and sunnier, you can also book a vespa trip in Italy with the same Belgian organization . Discovering La Dolce Vita, Italy and its sublime landscapes with the Vespa? It doesn’t get any better!

More information about this trip can be found on the website of The Vespa Trip .

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