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The most beautiful view in Belgium - Discover Maasmechelen

The most beautiful view


Maasmechelen, City in Limburg. We had not been there before in our entire lives. And that’s a real shame! Because we looked for and found the most beautiful view Belgium has. Wondering where to find this phenomenal view? You can read it here!

Maasmechelen Village

Maasmechelen is best known in Belgium, and also in the Netherlands, for Maasmechelen Village. This is an outdoor shopping center of all kinds of luxury stores such as Coach, Furla, Boss, Calvin Klein, Guess, … You can shop the most famous brands at great discounts and that is why this place is so popular with every fashion lover. For us, it was our first time there, but we were pleasantly surprised! And of course, we didn’t go home empty-handed….

Nature in Belgium

National Park

You would not think it, but right next to Maasmechelen Village you will find one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Belgium called National Park Hoge Kempen.Did you know that this nature reserve is the only national park in Belgium at the moment? There are plenty of other scenic areas to be found in Belgium, but they have not been given the title of national park. The park spreads across several municipalities in Limburg, namely Genk, As, Dilsen-Stokkem, Lanaken, Zutendaal and Maasmechelen. You can also find the most beautiful view in Belgium in this National Park. This viewpoint is found in the section of Connecterra.

Connecterra in Maasmechelen

Connecterra is part of the Hoge Kempen National Park. You get there through the entrance gate. There is a visitor center and you can also climb up an old shaft tower of a mine. Deeper into the nature reserve you’ll find the very best views Belgium has to offer. You go to Connecterra for peace and quiet and if you want to spot breathtaking panoramas. Honestly, it takes a short but tough hike, but it’s all worth it when you get to the top! You see a beautiful piece of nature there: the Maas valley with the Hoge Kempen National Park behind it. Zo’n uniek beeld hebben we in Belgi√ę nog nooit gezien. You imagine yourself exactly in another country. It reminded us a bit of the landscape of Canada.

Maasmechelen village
Fountain limburg

Most beautiful view

Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful view we have already seen in Belgium. Would you like to visit this place too? You can even do it completely free of charge! Plan a visit to Maasmechelen and start your route from the gateway to the top of Connecterra. There are a number of signs that will lead you up the mountain via the shortest route. After a half hour of brisk walking you are already there. Walk, smell, hear and enjoy!

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