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Maanrock – The free festival in Mechelen that closes the summer

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The summer vacation is drawing to a close with September in sight. Unfortunately, that also means the end of the festival season in Belgium. What better way to end this summer than with a free city festival with a great lineup? Maanrock is the ideal place to stretch your legs one last time and celebrate the end of a beautiful summer.


Mechelen is centrally located between Antwerp and Brussels and has a historic inner city. It is a fine city to visit when in Belgium. Mechelen undoubtedly has Belgium’s most unique cathedral as its signboard but there is so much more to experience, including entertaining events such as Maanrock. Malinois have been called the “Maneblussers” since the famous legend and from there, Moonrock as a name also originated.

Podium Maanrock Mechelen
Moon rock festival

City Festival

For years Maanrock has been the most enjoyable city festival for the people of Mechelen and also for people far beyond. Young and old descend on the city center of Mechelen to dance to the many famous (Flemish) artists. We too have attended Moonrock every year since we were young and it never disappoints. With the different stages, there is something for everyone. You could find us on the main stage to sing along with the best-known hits of artists such as De Kreuners, Rob De Nijs and ‘T Hof van Commerce, but also on the party stage to stretch your legs to the beats of Yves Deruyter, Lady S, Peter Luts and many more. We also enjoyed theater in the theater garden and classical music on the classical stage. As mentioned, there is something for every music and culture lover to hear and see.


Every year, Maanrock picks up big names from home and abroad. Maanrock does have a preference for Belgian artists and also has an eye for emerging talent. Yet every year, there are also stellar performers on the main and party stages. This year, the names were not the least. Among others, Niels Destadsbader, Laura Tesoro, De Kreuners, Rob De Nijs, Warhaus, Kraantje Pappie, Discobar Galaxie and Bert Gabriëls performed there. And best of all? Moonrock is completely free!

maanrock-Dance Podium

Were you there at Maanrock?

Have you been to Mechelen yet? Or perhaps you were also present during Moonrock this past weekend? Are there other city festivals you can recommend? Be sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook Page. For example, we can still recommend the Lokeren celebrations!

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