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Recently, we stayed at Nutchel’s cosy cabins for a few days. Not unknown in Belgium as more and more people are preferring staycations to a long-haul air vacation. And then this option is a topper at home!

In a nutshell

If we had to describe Nutchel in a nutshell, we would say back to basics with the necessary comfort. Sound conflicting? On the spot, you will find that it can be done! You will stay in a spacious cabin with wonderfully soft beds and full bathroom. Still, you will have to get your own wood to make it warm inside, you will need solar lamps and candles to make enough light, and you will cook on a gas stove. This still gives you a back-to-basics feel. You might as well call it glamping 2.0!

Glamping ardennen

Weekend with friends

For us, Nutchel is the ideal place to hang out with friends. Choose one of the spacious cottages with hot tub, bring some board games and you’re off for a weekend of blissful enjoyment! Of course, it is also the ideal place for families and couples to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and make time for each other.

The environment

Beforehand we thought we would be very secluded in a cottage in the middle of nature, but in reality Nutchel is not far from some stores, bakeries and gas stations. So you don’t have to bring a huge load of gear and food.

On site you can also order food so you don’t (always) have to cook for yourself. Super easy to order at the front desk during your stay. You can also order extra towels or buy some snacks or drinks. In fact, you don’t have to leave your cottage to have a successful stay.

Although the beautiful surroundings do lend themselves to long walks, bike rides and even city visits. You are staying near the forest of Anlier, between Arlon and Bastogne. You cross the border with Luxembourg in just a few minutes, so here too you can find great day trips. The panoramic view Burfelt, for example, is a must as is the Euro Space Center!

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Discount Nutchel

Those eager to book a stay at Nutchel can do so at a discount through Nov. 28, 2022! Use the discount code NUTCHEL10 when booking and enjoy 10% off your stay with check-out date until Nov. 28. Last-minute bookings are definitely possible, by the way, up to 24h before your stay.

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