7 x Beautiful places in Wallonia you have to discover

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In the past year, we (re)discovered nature in our own country more than ever. And it may, nay must, be seen! So today we are sharing the most beautiful places in Wallonia that we have found so far. See here 7 x beautiful places in Wallonia that you must discover!

1 Tombeau du Géant

In Bouillon you can find the impressive tableau Tombeau du Géant, or Tomb of the Giant. Here, the Semois River flows in a graceful meander along a hilly terrain, and this can be beautifully witnessed from the viewpoint at Botassart. Take a brisk walk down to the bottom or stay quiet at the top from the parking lot and enjoy the expansive view. A must visit!

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Tombeau du Géant

2 Achouffe

Achouffe is mainly known for its regional beer La Chouffe but you can also go for beautiful walks in the middle of nature. Our favorite walk? The T-route starting from the village. It is a short (4km) but varied and tough hike where you pass insane landscapes. So we discover an oasis of calm on the waterfront where for a moment we felt like we were in Canada instead of Belgium.

3 Le Hérou

The extremely beautiful Le Hérou is part of Parc Naturel des Deux-Ourthes and should be on your bucket list if you like adventure hikes. You can hike in this nature reserve and you may also legally bivouac here given that the famous Escapardenne Eislek (walking) Trail runs partly through the park. The park spans six municipalities and is located in the province of Luxembourg. Highly recommended for any adventurous nature lover!

Places in Wallonia
Le Hérou

4 Roche à l’Appel

Roche à l’Appel is a true treasure of a nature reserve and very fairy-like. In the midst of the Gaume region, you can find peace and quiet here and choose two hiking trails that take you to the top of the woods. We enjoyed a quiet walk there in the fall and did not encounter a single other person. So less known but once so much fun!

5 Parc de Furfooz

Near Dinant you can enjoy a hidden gem: Parc de Furfooz. Until last year we had not heard of it but what a discovery! Breathtaking views alternate with impressive rocks and caves. Here you fall from one surprise to another. Please note that admission to this park is not free and you must book in advance. After a brisk walk, you can enjoy delicious (vegetarian) food at the local bar by the water. This park is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Wallonia.

6 Stoumont

The beautiful village of Stoumont only comes into its own when it has snowed. Then it is truly fairy-tale like. The forests there are paradise and a lot less crowded than, for example, its popular big brother Baraque de Fraiture. Worth considering when it snows again and you want to have winter fun! Christmas spirit guaranteed.

Parc de Furfooz

7 Cascade de Bayehon

One of our personal favorite spots in Wallonia, and actually in our own country, is Cascade de Bayehon in Malmedy. This waterfall in idyllic surroundings gives us an instant vacation feeling. Especially on a hot summer day, it’s a great place to hang out. Have a picnic and enjoy! Note: It can get crowded on a summer day so go as early or late as possible to avoid crowds (and for the best photos!). Note: It can get crowded on a summer day so go as early or late as possible to avoid crowds (and for the best photos!).

Even more beautiful places in Wallonia

We hope the above list will inspire you to get out and about in beautiful Wallonia. Of course, there are so many more fine places to discover! Would you like more tips? Then be sure to read our article for the most beautiful nature in Wallonia or Tips for a weekend getaway in Malmedy.

Be sure to visit the Visit Wallonia website for more up-to-date information and inspiration for getting out and about. Have fun!