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10 x Most Beautiful Nature in Wallonia

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Belgium has a lot of beautiful places of nature, but you have to know how to find them. The other day we made a list of the 10 most beautiful places of nature in Flanders but of course that only covers half of our country. So now it is also the turn of the south of Belgium to show how beautiful nature is in Wallonia. And we can already reveal that they are very beautiful and worthwhile for hikers and nature lovers! Here you will find 10 x the most beautiful nature in Wallonia.

1 Ninglinspo

The beautiful surroundings around the river Ninglinspo in Aywaille speak for themselves. An earthly paradise in our own little country. The forest is fairy-like and if you follow the rippling river, you will have a beautiful walk through the forest. Please note that this hike is intense and not suitable for everyone. We found it not really recommended for the elderly, people with mobility problems and children. In addition, you really do need sturdy hiking boots to complete this climb. We saw people wearing sneakers or even women wearing dresses starting the walk but that is definitely not a good idea. There are stretches that are tricky and require some solid climbing. Be prepared for that. This aside, it is highly recommended.

Nature Wallonia Ninglinspo
Wallonia Ninglinspo
Nature waterfall

2 Le Tombeau du Géant

The Tomb of the Giant or Le Tombeau du Géant is an insane panorama overlooking the Semois River. This is probably the most beautiful piece of nature we have already seen in Belgium. A local told us that a walk down from the lookout point takes you past mills and beautiful stretches of forest. Where afterwards you can enjoy the view below. Worth a try it seems to us!

3 Rocher du Hat

This rock is located in Chiny and overlooks the Semois River. The panorama is magnificent and in the adjacent fairytale forest you can take hours of walks. Each time you come across a new environment and that is exactly why this environment is very fascinating. Furthermore, you have other walks in Chiny that are worthwhile. For more information, better check the website of the tourism department in Chiny.

4 Rocher de Falize

To reach rocher de Falize, a rock with beautiful views, you don’t have to walk far. You can park on the side of the road and reach this location after 2 minutes. The panorama there is magnificent. With views of the surrounding woods and river. The trouble for photographers and the ideal location to take vacation snaps. Bet your family and friends don’t know you’re just in Belgium on vacation.

Wallonia nature 1
vacation wallonia nature

5 Cascade du Bayehon

This beautiful waterfall can be found near Longfaye, a small village in the Ardennes. The waterfall itself is nine meters high and -for someone who does not encounter a waterfall every day- impressive to see. On a hot summer day, the surroundings make you dream away and for a moment you forget that you are just in Belgium. You can go for walks nearby or simply enjoy the view on a boulder in the river. It is also a top location for (nature) photographers. These are the kind of places in Belgium that make our hearts beat faster.

6 Roche à l’appel

The Reserve Naturelle de la Roche à l’appel sounds like a spell but it is first and foremost a nature reserve. The reserve is located on the French border, more specifically in the village of Muno in the Gaume region. This is Belgian Luxembourg and there is so much to discover. The Gaume region is a vacation destination you don’t want to miss in Belgium. And when you get there, you should come here and take a walk and breathe in the fresh air of Roche a l’appel. The charming little bridges really make this area a unique location.

7 Le domaine des Epioux

Le domaine des Epioux has five ponds surrounded by forests. The nature reserve is somewhat reminiscent of Canada but in Belgium. A piece of nature that every hiker or nature lover must have seen. More information can be found on the Tourism Wallonia website. If you go a little further you can hit the rock Le Hérou and the accompanying view. These two nature domains are perfectly combinable and both more than worthwhile.

Drone Images
Forests Wallonia

8 Hautes Fagnes

The High Fens, or Hautes Fagnes, is perhaps Belgium’s most famous nature reserve. Besides being the highest point, , it is also a breathtaking hiking and biking area. Bird watchers are also in for a treat here. It is a popular piece of nature but one that you should not miss if you like to explore the nature of Wallonia on foot.

9 Viroin Hermeton

One place that should not be missed in this list of most beautiful nature in Wallonia is the natural park of Viroin Hermeton. Here you can also find the famous sinkhole Fondry des Chiens. The gorge goes up to twenty meters deep. A breathtaking phenomenon. Of course, there are plenty of other impressive spots in this park. It is one of the most unique and diverse parks that our country has. If you haven’t visited before, it’s definitely a must!

10 Domaine Berinzenne

Last but not least on this list. The Domaine of Berinzenne is a natural domain where you fall from one surprise into another. You can follow a path here that takes you past beautiful vistas. You make here mainly short but beautiful walks and afterwards you can enjoy relaxation and wellness in Spa. Exercise and relaxation at the same time. Who doesn’t sign up for that?

High Fens
Natuur Wallonië

Nature in Wallonia

Which nature preserve can charm you the most? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook. And above all, share other places with us. We love to discover!

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