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10 x Most Beautiful Nature in Flanders

Nature in


Since March, when the lockdown began in Belgium, we have begun to explore our little country en masse. We have already come to wonderful places and now appreciate our own country more than ever. We were and remain most impressed by the nature in Belgium. You don’t always have to cross the border to find yourself in beautiful natural areas. Here we share the most beautiful nature in Flanders. Soon we will enjoy exploring the Walloon nature reserves.

1 Averbode forest and heath

The Averbode forest is perhaps one of the most beautiful forests we have recently discovered. Together with the accompanying Averbode Abbey, this area is a magnet for day-trippers. And that’s entirely justified. After a brisk walk in the large forest and moorland, walk towards the abbey for an ice cream at one of the many stalls. Afterwards you can visit the abbey or drive further towards Scherpenheuvel to enjoy a terrace at the imposing basilica.

averbode bos
most beautiful nature in flanders

2 Hoge Kempen National Park

The most beautiful view in Flanders can be found in Limburg. More specifically at Connecterra in theNational Park Hoge Kempen . You get a phenomenal view of the Meuse Valley here. But the National Park is more than just Connecterra. The area spans ten cities and towns. Plenty of nature to explore during your next vacation or weekend getaway.

3 Mechels Broek

A nature reserve that we know by heart is the Mechels Broek (part of Mechels Rivierengebied) in Mechelen. Here we completely unwind on an evening walk. The sunsets here are stunning. For an extended walk, you can continue hiking (or biking) to Mispeldonk and Cassenbroek. These are nearby nature reserves in Bonheiden, next to Mechelen. And all three have something unique to offer. Mispeldonk is perhaps the most restful of the three since fewer people come here.

Note: No parking is provided here. You can park on the side of the road or leave your car in a nearby parking lot and continue by bike (you can’t bike in the nature reserves themselves).

Mechels broek
Nature flanders Sigrid
Sigridofthesun nature

4 Hallerbos

The most famous forest in Belgium and far beyond is theHallerbos. Known for its beautiful blue hyacinths that color the forest in the spring. Many a photographer would like to descend to the forest during this period. Although it is a beautiful spectacle, it is rather inadvisable to come to this forest during the “high season”. This is to avoid crowding (and trampling the flowers!). In addition to hyacinths, you can spot wood anemones and sometimes deer in this forest.

5 Heuvelland

The Heuvelland in West Flanders is the ideal location for all those who love cycling or walking in the countryside and like to take a break now and then along the way in one of the charming villages or cafes. Among other things, you will pass several polders and hills with beautiful views. Highly recommended. You can find more information about the cycling and walking trails here.

6 Kalmthoutse Heide

Everyone in Belgium and the Netherlands knows de Kalmthoutse Heide. Still, not everyone has been there yet. And that’s a shame. Because this piece of nature in Flanders is an unreal beautiful nature reserve with different fauna and flora. You can take long walks there and end up in a new “piece” each time. Our recommendation? Walk up to the Stappersven. This large lake is the most calming place in the park and you can take stunning photos. If you’re parked on the main road, it’s quite a walk (about 10 kilometers). Often through sand as well. So be prepared and wear decent walking shoes. In the summer it is also better to bring a good product against mosquitoes and other insects since you often walk on narrow paths or through tall grasses.
de kalmphoutse heide
Nature flanders Sigrid

7 Lommelse Sahara

Limburg remains one of our favorite places in Flanders, perhaps because they have so much beautiful nature. One of the most beautiful and also most famous places in Limburg are the Lommel Sahara and the Heuvelse Heide. Here you can take walks, picnic or just relax at the “beach”. Besides the Lommel Sahara, the fruit region of Sint-Truiden, which is beautiful during the blossoms, is also a favorite. If you would like more info on routes in the Limburg blossom region, you can go here.

8 Latemse Meersen

Sint-Martens-Latem is not coincidentally one of Belgium’s most expensive and sought-after municipalities. Near the city of Ghent, you will find an oasis of calm along several lakes. The Latem Meersen are part of Natuurpark Levende Leie together with the Keuzemeersen and Beelaertmeersen. Here you can not only enjoy virtuous walks or bike rides, but also boat or kayak on the Lys.

9 Botanical Garden Meise

Botanical Garden in Meise is then perhaps (partly) landscaped nature, it is still worth going there. In addition to the beautiful forest, you can find untold plant species here in the greenhouses. It is at its most beautiful in the spring. Then all the flowers are in bloom. It is paradise for any plant lover. Therefore, this place should definitely not be missing from this list.
botanical garden Meise
natuur Brussel

10 Valley of the Zwarte Beek

The largest nature reserve of Natuurpunt and also a very special one, is this valley of the Zwarte Beek. You can make brisk walks but also with children it is a nice place to be. For example, there is a playground, pond and observation tower. As the name suggests, this is an important stream valley in Flanders.

Which one is your favorite?

Which of the above nature reserves in Flanders is your favorite? Or is your favorite place not on this list? Let us know in the comments. Soon we will go in search of the most beautiful nature in Wallonia. Stay tuned!

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