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We know our home country of Belgium through and through. It’s certainly not a big country but that’s what makes us unique. Yet every year we still find some gems we’ve never been to. And these gems we are happy to share with you here. We ourselves especially love summer in Belgium because this is the period of festivals, cozy barbecues and long summer days where we can enjoy delicious cocktail on our terrace in the evening.

Unique accommodation in


Unique Overnight Stay in a Traditional Yurt

Glamping In Your Own Country - Discover Cocoon Village In Han-Sur-Lesse

cosy cabins van Nutchel

Discover The Cosy Cabins From Nutchel

Transport in


Uber and taxi

In Belgium you can only order an Uber in Brussels, although due to much opposition from local taxi drivers this is not certain that this will also be the case in the future. In addition, taxis are quite expensive in Belgium, so this should not be an option for tourists in Belgium. Renting a car seems to us to be a much cheaper option. Those arriving at Brussels airport can currently still best use an Uber.

Bus and train

Belgium has an excellenttrain and bus network, so you can get to almost anywhere in the country by public transport. The cost of public transport is also very low compared to other European countries. The only drawback is the punctuality, the trains and buses sometimes come late in Belgium. If you have to be somewhere on time, taking a train or bus earlier can never hurt.

Rent a car

Belgium is quite a small country and yet in our opinion renting a car is the best way to explore this small country. This way you can easily drive from one city to another, but you can also more easily visit neighboring countries such as France , Germany and the Netherlands. Attention! Renting a car is certainly not the cheapest option, as the cost of gasoline is fairly high and parking in cities is not cheap.

Bike or scooter

The perfect way to explore a city or region in Belgium is undoubtedly by bicycle. It gives you the freedom to move quickly in the cities and see all the highlights without having to walk all day. For the non-sporty people there is also the possibility to rent an electric scooter. These give you the same possibilities as the bicycle, only you don’t get tired of it.



Moon rock festival

Maanrock – The free festival in Mechelen that closes the summer

Podium Lokerse parties

Lokerse Feesten - That's Affordable Parties With The Greatest Artists!

Helpful facts



Belgium is of course known for its chocolate, waffles and beer. You can find these everywhere. For example, almost every city in Belgium has its own beer, with one beer being a bit heavier than the other! Are you going to try them all? In addition, Belgium is also known for its delicious fries that were indeed invented in Belgium and not in France! One of the most traditional dishes in Belgium is mussels with fries, you can’t leave this country without trying it. Little tip! Do not eat this dish on the Grote Markt in Bruges… the quality of the mussels is very poor here.


All hotels and most restaurants have an excellent WiFi network. For those who want to be reachable at all times, a prepaid card that you recharge is the perfect solution. You pay about 40 euros per month for unlimited use of the Internet. Tourists coming from Europe can simply use their own subscription, since no roaming costs are charged within Europe .

Gratuities in Belgium

In Belgium it is not mandatory to tip. It’s not even expected. The wages in this country are already “high” enough and are not calculated on any tips. Of course, a tip can never hurt, so rounding off the amount is sufficient.

Souvenirs in Belgium

When we think of souvenirs in Belgium, we mainly think of food and drink. For example, a lot of beer and chocolate is bought. Although a statue of Manneken Pis or the Atomium does not do badly in the statistics either. In Belgium there is no haggling, so the price is the price.

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