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Austria with the motorhome - All you need to know

With the camper

through Austria

Thanks to Campaway, we were allowed to spend a week traveling around in our camper, or motorhome, and we chose to head to the mountains. We went to Tyrol in Austria with the motorhome! The ideal road trip to the snow. Find out how we found this experience and what you should definitely consider if you also want to go on a winter vacation by RV.

Before departure

There are a number of things you need to know before you leave on a winter vacation with your RV. There are many more things to think about than a road trip in the summer. For example, have you checked that you have winter tires? Or have you thought about snow chains, which are mandatory in certain countries? Additional anti-freeze and windshield fluid is also recommended to bring. Furthermore, you will take a lot more luggage on winter vacation than on summer vacation. Winter clothes alone take up much more space than summer clothes. Voorzie je camper daarop en hou onnodige spullen zeker thuis. Otherwise, your RV will be a messy place in no time.

Snow austria
Austria with the motorhome

Austria with the motorhome

On the way

Traveling by motorhome is blissful. You have your sleeping place close at hand everywhere and the driving is very relaxed, partly because you drive slower and enjoy being on the road more. Not to mention the comfort and freedom of being able to stop anywhere you want. Do pay close attention to where you stop along the way. It can be done just about anywhere, but better not in too remote roadside parking lots. Of course, you can spend the night in remote places when you are off the highway. That’s just the fun of a roadtrip. We found being on the road with the camper really super.


Our destination was some 800 km from our home town. We headed for the Tyrol in Austria. Tyrol is known for its beautiful snowy landscapes and endless mountain views. This is where we really wanted to go. For a week, this was also the limit of traveling with the RV. In going there we drove almost 2 days, with sleeping on the way, in coming back fortunately only about 9 hours. So this bit of Austria was the maximum mileage we would cover for a week. If you want to trek further, you basically need more time.

Winter Holidays
Sigrid rijckoort Oostenrijk

Winter Holidays

Arriving on winter vacation, the first thing you do is find a suitable pitch. Just like you do on summer vacation. Yet things run a tad differently for campgrounds in the winter. We experienced a difference in space in the campground and friendliness of the owners. Is it because of the cold weather or not?Is that because of the cold weather or not? We can hardly say that.We can hardly say that. It may help to google some campsites with reviews beforehand. Of course, you are free to go whenever you want if the camping had to beat it. That’s also what we did at our first residence.

City tour

Of course, a road trip is not complete without some adventure. We decided to travel around this snowy landscape to cities like Innsbruck and Garmisch. As expected, cities are a little more difficult to reach by RV. The (underground) parking lots are not adapted to RVs.v Therefore, it is better to park a little outside the city and reach the center on foot or by public transport. Nevertheless, a city visit to Innsbruck and Garmisch is definitely worthwhile if you go to this region of Austria. Garmisch is a bit more charming and authentic than Innsbruck. You’ll find small stores, bakeries with the best cakes and the occasional local event. And all of this adjacent to the beautiful backdrop of the mountains. In Innsbruck you are mostly presented with chains and big buildings, and unfortunately also some crime, but still this city also has its charm. Especially in architecture then, we think.

Citytrip Austria
More to zugspitse Zugspitse


Of course, you don’t go to Tyrol in Austria for the big cities, but mainly for the breathtaking nature. Mountains, snow, ski slopes and forests color the landscape of Tyrol. So we took our camper to find the most beautiful pieces of nature that could be found in this region. We were particularly impressed with hikes in Lermoos and Ehrwald. It takes some energy to hike up the mountains, but you get so much energy in return. The views are indescribable. But the most beautiful place we saw was the nature at Eibsee. This lake borders the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. This area is located on the border between Austria and Germany. So you can make a great day trip to Germany when you are in Tyrol. And it is more than worth it! Also in the summer the Eibsee and the nature around it is wonderful.

Difference with caravan

Traveling with the RV was easy and smooth. Having traveled with the caravan in the past, we do notice some differences. Driving up the mountains was amazingly smooth with our RV. With the caravan it is much more difficult to drive up some mountains than with the motorhome. Keep this in mind if you were to go on (winter) vacation with the caravan. Finding a pitch is also easier with the camper than with the caravan. Visiting a city, in turn, is easier if you can disconnect the caravan from your car. With the RV, you often have to search a little longer for parking. But that’s about the only drawback we experienced in traveling by RV.

The ski slope in Tyrol in winter
Oostenrijk met de camper

Balance week in Austria with the motorhome

Looking back on this trip to Austria with the motorhome in retrospect, we can only conclude that it was another great road trip along breathtaking places. Granted, you have to sacrifice some living space because you’re not as likely to sit outside or in your awning when it’s cold. But most of the time you are busy with other activities during the day anyway, and the winter sun can be quite pleasant if you dress properly. Yet, for us, a road trip to a sunny and warm destination is still the most enjoyable experience. And we hope to do so again soon with an RV! Because that’s a really nice experience!

Travelling with a motorhome or caravan

Are you looking for even more tips for traveling by RV or caravan? Or would you like to get some inspiration for certain routes? Take a look at and get inspired for a great trip!

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