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The new Belgian airline for group travel.



Since yesterday, a new airline has started operations in Belgium. This newest Belgian airline is called Air Charters Europe (ACE) and it might just change your life spectacularly! In fact, this airline specializes in group travel.


Air Charters Europe responds to a growing demand in the airline industry for group travel. Many companies are increasingly chartering an airplane to offer group travel, such as team building. In the past, people used to book flights with foreign airlines for this type of travel, but from now on it can simply be done with a Belgian company. Exclusive flying with a group of minimum 20 passengers? It is now possible thanks to Air Charters Europe for the entire Benelux!


Not only is this experience of travel very exclusive, it is also luxurious. The aircraft that Air Charters Europe will use for these special flights are similar to a private jet. There is more legroom than on a typical flight, each seat has its own power outlet, and high-quality materials were used for the finish. The comfort and experience for the passenger are high.

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The first aircraft of this new airline can accommodate up to 30 people and fly up to some 3,000 kilometers. Thus, it easily reaches all destinations within Europe. Soon, there may even be a second larger aircraft on the market that can carry as many as 45 people, and this is how Air Charters Europe hopes to become the largest player in the market for group air charters in Europe. Those who have ideas for a group trip now can make an application through their website. It is also best to inquire there for flight prices.

This group travel airline something for you?

Can this new Belgian group travel airline change your life? Does this new way of traveling seem like something for you? Or would you rather get on a regular plane anyway? It doesn’t matter how you travel, as long as you enjoy the trip to the fullest. And you can do so even more through our travel tips! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates on new travel tips.

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