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Ipoh is a city that is often used as a stopover on a trip to Cameron Highlands or Penang. It is therefore only a two-hour train ride from Kuala Lumpur . We also went to explore this city and it did not disappoint! Discover here what to do in Ipoh.

1 Sam Poh Tong Temple

The most special place in Ipoh is undoubtedly the Sam Poh Tong temple. This Buddhist temple, which can only be reached through a cave, has something magical about it. And that is mainly due to the tranquility that prevails there. The entrance to the cave is located on a busy road, but when you walk out on the other side, you won’t notice it anymore. Visiting this temple is completely free. Donations are welcome.

Things to Do in Ipoh
Sam Poh Tong

2 Lubuk Timah Fall

Just outside the center of Ipoh you can find the waterfall of Lubuk Timah. This waterfall is especially impressive when it rains a lot, but you can also enjoy the thermal baths (Hot Springs) here in dry weather. Please note: it is strongly recommended to bring something against mosquito bites as there are some tiger mosquitoes in this region. The entrance fee for this waterfall and the thermal baths is 5 MYR.

Waterfalls Ipoh
Rivier Cameron

3 Concubine Lane

In every travel guide or on every travel blog you will find the street Concubine Lane. And although this street is very pleasant, we find it rather short and less worth visiting. In less than 5 minutes you have seen the whole street. In addition, the street is also very busy with tourists. You must have seen it, but know that you cannot spend hours there. Because Concubine Lane is located in the middle of the city, you can easily combine this with other locations.

Concubine Lane
street scene Ipoh

4 Kong Heng Flea Market

Just across Concubine Lane you will find the Kong Heng Flea Market. This small but cozy market offers some artisanal products. And although this is nice in itself, it is mainly the building in which this market is located that makes the Kong Heng Flea Market so special. You imagine yourself in a small city that is taken over by nature. This market also has a restaurant where you can also get (tasty) Western dishes.

Kong Heng Flea Market
shopping Ipoh

5 Mural Art's Lane

This street is also not very big or long, but it can be perfectly combined with the previous two tips in this list of what to do in Ipoh. In this street you will find a lot of street art that is worth a visit. And if you’re as lucky as us, you can even see an artist live. Most of the artwork in the Mural Art’s Lane was painted by Ernest Zacharevic .

Ernest Zacharevic artwork
Mural Art's Lane

6 Tasik Cermin

Tasik Cermin or also called the mirror lake is a beautiful lake that is somewhat hidden since you first have to go through a cave to reach it. While this lake used to be free, today you have to pay MYR 5 for it. Those who want to go on the lake with a boat pay 25 MYR for this. Something that we didn’t do due to lack of time, but we think it would be fun. Fortunately, because entrance is now being asked for this lake, the future of this place is assured. After all, a lot of nature is confiscated in the region for the interesting raw materials, at the expense of the beautiful landscape.

Tasik Cermin lake Ipoh
What to do in Ipoh

7 Kek Lok Tong

The cave and temple of Kek Lok Tong are definitely worth a visit, although the real reason to see this place is the impressive and beautiful garden called Zen Garden. The impressive pond, beautiful plants, dozens of Buddha statues and impressive mountains create a fairytale scene. Whoever comes out of the temple into the garden, imagines himself for a moment in paradise. In addition to a walk, you can also rent a bicycle or pedal boat here and follow the barefoot path. This temple with accompanying garden is completely free to visit and open every day. Only on Tuesdays you cannot use the bicycle and pedal boat.

kek log tog
Buddha images

8 Day Trip Cameron Highlands

Many tourists, just like us, make a multi-day trip to Cameron Highlands. But if you’re not planning on hiking in the forests of Cameron Highlands, a day trip from Ipoh is all it takes to see the best of this location. With a taxi or tour you are a 2-hour drive from Cameron Highlands. The BOH tea plantation and the Bharat tea plantation are the must-see places in this region. In addition, you can also pass a strawberry nursery, the lavender garden or butterfly garden. Perfect to do in one day. When making a new schedule, we would not stay here for several more days, although the area is beautiful.

Cameron Highlands
Excursion Ipoh

9 Ling Sen Tong Temple

Near the Sam Poh Tong temple you can find the colorful Ling Sen Tong temple. You therefore automatically combine a visit to one temple with the other temple. The Ling Sen Tong Temple is especially nice because of its color and the beautiful statues of dragons and other animals. This temple gives you the feeling that you are in a theme park. Also fun to do with children.

Ling Sen Tong Temple
doen Ipoh Maleisië

10 Shopping in AEON MALL

You will find a lot of shopping centers in cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang. In Ipoh this is a lot less. Yet here you have one very large shopping center (Aeon Mall) where you can find various shops and restaurants. We bought some books in English and Sigrid also had a perfect pedicure done.

Statue Ipoh
I Love Ipoh

Transportation in Ipoh

Grab and Taxi

The easiest way to move yourself, in our opinion, is with the application Grab. This application works similarly to Uber and can take you to any location from this list of things to do in Ipoh. In addition, you will not pay much for it. Those who travel to Cameron Highlands with Grab will have to arrange a taxi themselves in Cameron Highlands to get back, since the app is not active in this region. However, this is not a problem as taxis run here. A maximum price for this trip should be 200 MYR. If you want to explore the city, it is better to book a 4-hour taxi. This will cost you barely 90 MYR.

Public transport

Public transport to and from Ipoh is of excellent quality. You can take both the train and the bus. We did not use public transport in Ipoh itself. It is very difficult to get to one of the tourist attractions. Taking a taxi or Grab is much more convenient. Public transport in Ipoh is mainly developed for the locals and not for tourists.

Rent a car

Renting a car is also a good option to get around as traffic is much calmer here than in Kuala Lumpur. We just don’t think this is really necessary in this city. You can get everywhere with a Grab car. This saves you not only the time of collecting and dropping off the car, but also the search for parking. We only recommend renting a car for groups larger than 6 people, as this is the limit with Grab. If you have any questions about this city or other locations inMalaysia, you can always send us an email via our contact page .

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